Co-Founder & CTO
Pankaj Wadhwa

Pankaj is responsible for the corporation and its global deliveries. He ventured entrepreneurship as a hands-on techie in his college days. Pankaj has acquired a rich technical experience at CashEdge, MindFire, PitneyBowes and other startups in Technology space. Pankaj earned his BTech (IT) from Kurukshetra University and is currently perusing his masters from IIM-Lucknow, one of the leading educational institution of India.

Pankaj has been instrumental in growing sales and services ensuring an exponential growth of the vertical for QSS. He has maintained and implemented corporate objectives as established in order to execute business strategies and customer relationship management. He has guided some fundamental initiatives in order to attain business development aims. He believes that the requirements to achieve success in sales are larger than before as the global market is getting more competitive and growth of technology agile. He has keen interest in Technology and Business.