NFT in Games

Future of NFT in Games: Is it Worth the Hype?

NFTs have brought a revolution in the gaming industry, becoming one of the fastest growing asset classes of the year. As we move ahead to an all-new kind of internet experience referred to as “Web 3.0”, gaming publishers are looking out for a new future ahead for the gaming industry.…

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Specialized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development- Smart Contracts

How to Build a Cryptocurrency Exchange in 2022? (In-Depth Guide)

Blockchain technology has impacted all over the Internet since its inception in 2008. Almost every industry around the world is looking forward to leveraging the power of this innovative technology. The recent breakthrough of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and Ethereum has revolutionized the complete Fintech industry. Traders, businesses & public are…

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Blockchain Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

How is Blockchain Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry?

Blockchain technologies have grown to attract much interest not only from the Tech industry but also from the other industries as well as the general public. Today, the use of Blockchain is far beyond cryptocurrency and financial transactions. The technology now has largely been associated with several industries including manufacturing,…

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blockchain disrupting industries

Top 6 Industries That Blockchain Will Disrupt in Future

Blockchain Technology is a decentralized system, and there is no need for third-party involvement, which means less money spent on intermediaries and more money saved by the end-users.  Furthermore, all transactions made through Blockchain are safe, secure, and transparent, as any network member can easily see records. There is also…

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How to integrate D-Apps with Blockchain Ethereum?

Abstract: The intended audience of this article includes beginners, designers, developers, testers, business analysts, project managers who have the desire to learn Blockchain. How D-Apps integrated with Blockchain Ethereum network? How to write, compile, migrate and test smart contracts over Blockchain Ethereum network? How to install the Ethereum test platform?…

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