Cloud Technologies

Cloud Computing -Delivery and Deployment Models

Cloud Computing – Delivery and Deployment Models

Abstract This article is about Cloud Computing and its several models. This article will give you a general understanding of the cloud environment and state its benefits in a today tech world, where organizations compete with each other. As it is totally a business model so it has given great…

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Internet of Things

How Cloud Computing Serve As The Backbone Of Internet Of Things?

Abstract Although Cloud Computing and the Internet Of Things (IoT) are completely different technologies, the two are part of our life. Moreover, it’s also a fact that these technologies are closely interlinked. This article provides you the understanding of Internet of things and how cloud computing can be a core…

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How to Schedule Cron Jobs with Google Cloud Functions?

  Abstract This article is more about building a real time, fast, scalable, time-based and event driven application with the help of app engine cron services and cloud functions. We will explore how cron jobs and cloud functions can be so helpful sometimes. Introduction What are cron jobs ? Cron…

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