E-Learning App Development

big blue button made learning system easy

Online Teaching Made Easy with BigBlueButton Integration

The year 2020-21 has made remote working/studying/teaching from home a new normal. Online Teaching has never been made so easier than it's today. Thanks to the open-source BigBlueButton web classroom software!  BigBlueButton is an open-source tool for video conferencing tailored for online teaching. The software tool lets your online classes,…

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How Much Does it Cost to Build an eLearning App

Features, Market Trends & Cost Analysis of eLearning App Development in 2021-22

eLearning apps have become a billion-dollar business idea during these tough times of COVID pandemic. Almost every education based business is reaping benefits out of it. Education, eLearningLook at the eLearning App Development Stages and mLearning apps have become one of the best learning resources these days.  Remote education is…

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language learning app development cost

Estimating the Cost of Language Learning App Development

Acquiring the skills of learning foreign language is a new trend going on. There are various language learning institutes and web/mobile apps that are helping students across the globe get expertise into another language they wish to learn. The craze of learning  language has even witnessed a high jump amid…

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elearning app development

E-Learning App development to Boost Digital Education

Educational apps are the need for today. They have become one of the best learning resources these days. Just like a teacher, these apps guide you through excellent ways enhancing your skills and passion for studies.  With the ever-increasing popularity of the online education system, most of the modern schools…

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