flutter app development tools

Top 20 Flutter App Development Tools Worth Using in 2022

As per mobile app usage statistics, 21% of millennials open an application at least 50 times daily.  The future of mobile app development is pretty vast. With technological advancements in every field, we are witnessing an ever-increasing dependency on mobile gadgets for our daily activities. The Google Play Store and…

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How Can Flutter Technology Do Better

How Can Flutter Technology Do Better Than a Human?

Flutter is Google's portable UI toolkit for building beautiful and fast user interfaces for iOS and Android devices. It enables developers to create sophisticated user interfaces with ease. Flutter is free and open-source, making it an affordable option for mobile app development. Flutter apps are written in Dart, offering high-performance,…

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google launches flutter 2.0

Google Launches Flutter 2 with Support for the Web and Desktop Apps

Google has recently announced a major update to its open-source Flutter framework that’s used to build applications for multiple computing platforms. Google has expanded Flutter 2 to a portable framework rather than just a mobile framework. With this major step, Flutter can now be used for feature-filled web app development that…

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google pay to be created with flutter

The Popular Google Pay App to be Re-Created Using Flutter Technology

The Google Pay team has recently announced that the Google Pay for India app is getting a major design rewrite with Flutter, Google’s open-source UI development kit.  The app, formerly named as “Tez”, is one of the popular UPI Payment App that has witnessed massive popularity from the last 2…

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Flutter for Windows App Development

Google Expands its Flutter App Development Kit to build Windows Apps

After revolutionizing the mobile industry, Flutter by Google now lets you build apps for Windows as well. The IT giant has announced that Flutter is finally available for Windows web app development in alpha. This is certainly good news for the world’s leading desktop operating system that counts for approx 1…

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fluttter release new update

Google’s Flutter 1.20 Just Released- New Updates & Features Explained

Google, on August 5, 2020, has just launched the latest version of Flutter 1.20 Stable. In this latest version of Flutter, Google has focused more on UI improvements, updated visual studio code extension, and autofill for mobile text fields, etc.   The latest released version of Flutter 1.20 creates history with…

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flutter for ios apps

Why Flutter is the Best Choice for iOS App Development?

Today, the mobile app development industry is witnessing a cut-throat competition. Among most of the development companies, there is a vast desire to cut down development costs, optimize time, produce more and convey quality services and applications. This is where the Flutter plays its part. Introduced by Google, Flutter is…

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why flutter app development trends in 2020

8 Ideal Reasons Make Flutter as Robust Development Technology

Mobile App Technology is the biggest revolution of today that can decide the fate of your mobile application. In this very competitive mobile app industry, maximum business apps fail drastically. There are many reasons for a failed mobile app, some being lack of originality factor, customer-oriented features, development technology, vague…

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