Why JavaScript great

JavaScript Still Being #1 in Modern App Development –Top Reasons

JavaScript is consistently among the top programming languages and is still resting on the number one position. As per the report by GitHub's State of the Octoverse, “JavaScript has consistently been the most popular programming language based on the number of contributors to projects on GitHub.” So, what makes it…

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best javascript frameworks

Top 6 JavaScript Frameworks (Front & Backend) Experts Totally Love

Whether you are seeking to develop a front-end Web application or back-end web application, JavaScript is everywhere. JavaScript handles websites’ scripted behavior, from loading and reloading new page content without totally refreshing the page. According to stackoverflow’s developer survey 2021, JavaScript is the most commonly used language for the 8th…

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Discover Meteor Image

Why and How to Use Meteor JS in Javascript Apps?

Abstract This article is targeted towards both beginner and experienced developers who have some knowledge of JavaScript and Networking Application Development. This Article will give you a brief introduction of Meteor JS and also answer your questions such as why should you start using Meteor JS, what it can do,…

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