React Native with Redux-min

How To Get Started with Redux in React Native?

Abstract: Redux is a pattern for managing application state. It is harder to understand. UI libraries like React having a system that managing their own state. If you think it is difficult to understand where is the state store and managing then I would prefer to learn this pattern to better understand the state management…. View Article

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Xamarin.Forms Vs React Native

Abstract: Demand for mobile apps has been increasing more day by day. Many companies are preferring hybrid mobile app development when it specifically comes to B2B or B2E applications. For doing cross platform app development, we have many frameworks like Xamarin, PhoneGap, Ionic, React Native, Framework 7 etc. In this article, we are discussing about… View Article

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React-Native Bridging with Native Code (Android/iOS)

Abstract: React-native keeps on enhancing itself to meet desired functionalities for end users. This is to help developers by many ways to achieve native functionality and Bridging is one of its capabilities which helps to achieve native functionality by java script code. Introduction: React Native is a framework for mobile applications (Android, iOS and UWP),… View Article

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