Reward Point Program

It is a responsive web app which enables users to earn reward points against electricity bill payment which can later be converted into vouchers. It is a reward-based solution program where customers can stack up the points and redeem them later for a variety of perks such as merchandise, cash,…

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Giftbomb- Digital gift card app

It is a mobile gift card exchange platform that helps in sending gift cards to anyone over the phone and also manages reward programs. The application comes with a personalization option that enables users to choose gifting themes from more than 100 brands.

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GoPro A survey filling app for tournaments

It is a hybrid survey filling app for tournaments taking place in Canada and the USA. This tournament rating app works as an all-inclusive solution allowing users to rate players, coaches, assistant coaches etc. BeAPro 2 is a suitable app for all kinds of individual & doubles sport that leverages…

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Real estate app

Real-Estate Mobile Solution

An all-embracing hybrid real-estate mobile solution that makes the property postings for seller quite simple and provides immense benefits for real estate builders, brokers, and real estate aggregators. Upbraze app also connects the sellers with the appraisers who determine the current value of the property and brings the fair price…

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Safetipin- Safety Audit App

A safety inspection solution that allows users to decide their mobility based on the safety score of the area. This app collects the data to examine through crowdsourcing. This audit solution computes a safety score on several parameters such as walkability, accessibility, and functionality of public spaces etc.

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Bus Okay- Transportation app

A one-stop transport management solution that tracks transportation in real-time and increases operational efficiency. This cross-platform solution is powered with artificial intelligence and uses IoT based geolocation to ensure safe and secure travelling.

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Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair Solution

Propkeepr is a home repair solution that provides complete door-step home maintenance from a variety of services to choose from. The service providers here are trained and verified. This highly versatile application helps users in resolving all their common in-house issues such as clogged kitchen sink, broken door handle etc.…

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Vtion App Analysing Consumer Behaviour on Smart Devices

A Saas-based solution that analyses consumer behaviour and measures media consumption on smart devices along with enhanced audience engagement. Vtion App works as a comprehensive measurement device for the music ecosystem which also provides cost-effective real-time analytics data.

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Buzz360 App

A campaign database management app which mobilizes volunteers and supporters to spread the implications of the created campaign. It establishes a relational outreach and empowers the users to connect with the world. SwipeRed (Buzz360) is one of the most advanced campaign solutions of recent times which facilitates users to create…

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Video Tracking Alarming System

It is a video alarming system for ATM security which is based on embedded technology. This system ensures safe transactions and monitors its surroundings for suspicious activities. VTAS is a smart video tracking alarming tool that works as an intelligent security system. It combines the advantages of alarm systems, video…

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Outlook Plugin

It is a lead generating and tracking tool integrated by third parties into Outlook using the web-based platform. Outlook Plugin consists of advanced features that run inside of Eldermark solutions to enhance the email functionality. Apart from intensifying email configuration, this plugin also allows delegates to relate and reply to…

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Blockchain Game Development 4

PHR Mobile App

It is a complete wellness solution that collates all the person's health information and medical records at one place. The USP of the solution is that it can be accessed from a smartphone or computer anywhere at any time. This PHR application also allows patients to find doctors and communicate…

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It is a cloud-based security infrastructure solution that addresses the safety needs of businesses and leverages them with physical security control. From safeguarding all critical assets to proactively addressing potential issues, this digital security system works as an all-inclusive solution. Shepherd 360 not only focuses on securing essential systems but…

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Vendor Time

It is a vendor management solution that helps companies in establishing a unique way to communicate with vendors and focuses on serving user needs. Vendor Time critically deals in setting up an effective system for dealing with external vendors and suppliers. With the help of this app, the companies can…

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An online insurance service provider which renders the best of all the insurance products after running a thorough comparison between many schemes. PolicyTiger eradicates all the confusion and brings forth sincere and most accurate quotes from various insurers. This insurance aggregator believes in sustaining profitability by following a customer-oriented approach.

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