Parentune App

It is a one-stop parenting solution that provides personalized and trusted advice to parents and helps them form a community with like-minded people to get active tips from pro parents and experts.

The application also enables parents to ask queries across several areas such as child development, education & learning etc.

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  • Service Healthcare
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Process Followed

We at QSS believe that a successful application is the one that suffices the community it is mainly built for. Our team of skilled personnel followed a meticulous strategy to develop an application that functions as a deliverer for the community of parents as well as unite fellow parents at one place for the exchange of common tips and solutions.


Problem Identification

The child is a gift of god and every parent wants this precious blessing of almighty to grow up as a beautiful human being. For that, a parent requires an extensive expert guide and a community of similar fellow parents where they can discuss anything about parenthood without fear of being judged. Through this parenting solution, we intend to make parenthood a child’s play.

  • Help parents to connect with pro parents and experts
  • Teach advanced parenting skills and baby care advice
  • Live chat feature to ask questions and resolve any queries
  • One push instant tips from verified parents

Feasibility Study

With the help of this parenting solution, we are aiming to establish extensive networks of parents. Surrounded by so many mature parents and community experts, one can find answers to their queries which could be related to parenting styles, advice or tips. The application also consists of a panel of medical professionals who are happy to help any of the parents and those who are soon going to be parents.

  • Users can share queries in the form of photos, videos or email
  • Receive emergency alerts by text message
  • Allow tagging of real-time observation
  • Diversified section of expert panel to choose from
  • Multi-language assistance


User research

The basic questions which any developer asks before and while developing an application are - who will be the target audience of this app and what do they expect from this app? We, at QSS, carried out user research to find answers to these and many such questions.

Product discovery workshop

Everything begins with an ultimate idea, however, putting the idea into action is what most of the fellows struggle with. That's exactly when the product discovery workshop ropes in. So what basically discovery workshops do? Well, the basic goal of it is to educate our clients and provide them with every possible information about the solution before the development cycle begins. This further helps to develop an out of the box solution which exactly gets crafted as per the client's requirement.

The key purpose of the workshop is not only to share the project requirements with clients but also to understand their expectations and function accordingly. In this curated session, we discussed the idea of implementing the parenting care app by exploring the subject area and business flow of the solution to the core. In the end, the overall session came out as a problem-solving event.

Competitor Analysis

Weighing the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals is very important as it helps in developing the application with features most of your competitors missed to incorporate. The QSS team winded up the competitive analysis before starting the development process.

Sample interview questions

The Challenges

During the various phases in an app development process, there are many common inquiries that most of the developers run over. Here is the list of challenges faced by us while developing a parenting care application.

  • Develop a solution for regular screen sizes, devices, and operating systems
  • Managing the rich material of the solution at one place
  • Effective UI design with improved navigation
  • Securing personal and sensitive information of users
  • Implement live chat option
  • Allow user to personalize app as per their interest

Final Outcome

We, at QSS, curated an interactive parenting solution after completely understanding the market and user's requirements. This parent-centric application is developed with the purpose of providing expert parenting guides and helping them connect with like-minded parents where they can freely share all their ideas and opinions.

  • Easy social integration with fellow parents
  • Connect with experts and medical professional at one click
  • Shuffle through languages such as English, Hindi, etc.
  • Register to initiate a live chat with an expert
  • Real-time Syncing with parents
  • Find almost everything from the enacted search feature
Information Architecture
Technology Stack

QSS has a fantastic UX/UI team. They really have design sensibilities which very much helped me in creating an interactive and easy to use application. I am very happy with my experience with them.

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