ERC20 Security Token and Exchange Development

We help you code your own Cryptocurrency ERC-20 standard tokens.

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Create tokens on different standards like ERC20, ERC721, ERC777 and ERC223, token transfer, digital wallet and listing on exchange with one of the leading Token Development Company in India- QSS Technosoft!

Today, Cryptocurrency is in trend among everyone because of the ERC tokens. Rendering a token accumulate for ICOs that are headed to revolutionize every industry. We, at QSS Technosoft, helps startups and entrepreneurs to make use of this ground-breaking technology by utilizing the best ecosystem.

Our token creation is within the most optimum environment. We are backed by the strong team of Blockchain developers who have expertise in creating tokens with modest resources and times.

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Why Tokens are required?

Smart contracts and tokens are used in the ICO sale held to collect funds from interested investors in exchange for tokens. People who buy your ERC20 tokens will own them.

Then, you can put your tokens on hold, allow trading through your own or any other cryptocurrency exchange or extend their usage to more physical/real-world applications.


Ethereum based Standards of Tokens

ERC20 is a standard to create smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain to implement tokes. ERC20 tokens easily exchange for another. ERC20 tokens are integrated into Blockchain wallets and exchanges platform. These are the most widely used tokens over Ethereum.
ERC223 tokens are congenial with ERC20 tokens. These tokens undergo functionality of ERC20 that fits well to work with ERC223 tokens. The ERC 223 tokens eliminate the risk of getting lost and let the developer handle incoming token transactions.
ERC-721 is a “non-fungible” token in comparison with others. The ERC-721 is more like the Ethereum collectibles token type that is equivalent to Ethereum baseball cards. Each token in the ERC721 is absolutely unique and non-interchangeable with other tokens.
ERC 777 token is considered a projected standard for the issuance and security management tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. Security tokens are the value of Blockchain-based representation that is subject to security regulation. This value representation comprises of traditional assets like equity securities and debt securities like stocks and bonds as well as derivatives like futures, forwards, options and swaps.

Token Development Services Offered by QSS

Token Creation
With our own customized source code based on the ETH, we will help you develop a powerful ERC20 crypto coin based on your specific business requirements. With our developed tokens, you can sell coins, transfer to other users or trade on popular exchanges.
token transfer
Token Transfers
Our token transferring services make easy token transfers with encryption over decentralized Blockchain. The ERC20 tokens can be transferred to other users making use of a unique wallet address of digital wallets. Users can also transfer tokens to other users through wallet app on their phones, or use the same to transact for other things at local or online stores.
ICO Development
In addition to developing your coin, we also help you develop and run a successful ICO campaign to market your tokens and generate funds for the project. We help you promote your ICO campaigns through newsletters, social media etc.
commercial token
Utility and Commercial Tokens
We can help you with generating utility and commercial tokens for a successful ICO to raise funds for your desired project development. The utility tokens can be distributed in the community for marketing purposes while commercial tokens can be sold by organizing events by selling smart tickets.

Token Development Process We Follow

We, at QSS, rely on developing ERC20 standard tokens from scratch. Our developer team has a very good knowledge of Solidity & is well-versed with migrating smart contracts to Ethereum. Our ERC20 standard-based tokens development process included the following steps.


  • Initially, we undergo in-depth project consultation with clients.
  • We then do a proper assessment and planning as per your business needs.
  • The next stage involves precise platform development for tokens. We create & distribute the tokens as per your business plans and guidelines.
  • We help our clients with whitepaper development & ICO Release etc.