Law Enforcement Concepts

Capturing Violations

Using high definition camera and reliable GPS technology, law enforcement officers capture violations in the field.

Evidence Capturing

Law enforcement agencies are using mobile apps to capture evidence in the field. Evidences could be in the form of photographs, videos, audios, etc.

Prisoner’s Attendance Management

Biometric (fingerprint and iris scanning) applications, web and mobile based, are being used for managing the attendance of the prisioner’s.

Computer Aided Deployment

Innovative applications are being developed which help in computer aided deployment of the officers and patrolling vehicles. Live location of the officers and vehicles are displayed on the map.

QSS Solutions and Offerings

QSS provides law enforcement services to its clients by generating applications which can be used for Law record management, flawless system integration, systematic reporting and decision making. These application tools help the law agencies to respond to emergency situations, to communicate better and to ensure public safety. This gives us experience to make the agencies more responsive and competent.

Client’s Gain

  1. It helps in powerful crime investigations with precise monitoring of incidents.
  2. Effective record management as data capturing, storage and searching improves significantly.
  3. Reduced cost and high performance.
  4. Easy evidence tracking and management.
  5. Enhanced productivity