About Our Projects

Detection of Flammable Gases
This project was based on machine learning where we have to find if there is any GAS Leakage in a Factory. This was identified using Neural Networks since the gases involved are Propane, Butane and Methane which are odorless and colorless.

Credit Card Fraud
Was based on credit card fraud detection. So basically there was a lot of data fetched from CRM of the company. Machine learning was used to determine how the person has spent and the duration/interval. Expenses were made on what all amenities.

Text analysis using NLP
This project was to convert speech to text and then process the text for Classification. This is for a Document summarizer and gives a gist of the story in a summary.

SVM and NLP for a customer care system
This is under development and gives the Customer Support person ease to search through their results. The Results are fetched on the queries asked and give them good efficiency.

QSS Major AI Offerings

AI to Increase Sales

Think how smart your sales process would be if you have a technology that understands your calendar, email, and phone interactions with clients and automatically builds and monitors your pipeline. The AI solutions we build for you exactly do the same.

  • You can leave the tasks of sending introductory mails, greetings, and manual data entry to sales bots.
  • You can focus on closing more deals rather than killing time on the monotonous tasks.
  • On the whole, Our AI solutions will help you improve accuracy and predictability in your sales capabilities and turn leads into customers more quickly.

AI for Customer Retention

Our AI solution for customer retention focuses on to find correlations and sentiments in the customer data, so it can easily identify unsatisfied customers and lets you take proactive steps to avoid them from existing and cement the relationship. We help you do it with the following actions:

  • Make it easier for you to find flaws in your products (or services).
  • By personalizing the customer service.
  • Utilize Preemptive Fix that uses customer data and service usage information to understand customer patterns better.

Why To Hire QSS Technosoft For Your AI Development Program
We are a team of Data Scientists, having exposure to Big Data and Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Techniques and Machine Learning Techniques like Neural and NLP. We have done extensive research on Facial Recognition and CVIP. The Technical team consists of Programmers having experience more than 6 years.

FAQ About Artificial Intelligence Development

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to software that is capable of learning and making decisions almost in the same way as humans. AI enables machines, devices, programs, systems and services to function in a manner that is sensible in light of the given task and situation. AI can already recognise faces, understand speech, diagnose patients, analyse X-ray images and drive cars.
Artificial intelligence has been discussed for a long time but, right now, it is emerging as a key accelerator of the digital transition because: (1) digitalisation has given rise to very large data sets and the amount of data continues to grow at an accelerating rate, (2) the rapid growth of computing capacity and decreasing prices enable the processing of large data sets by an increasing number of users, and (3) new algorithms are continuously being developed for data utilisation.
AI combined with robotisation and automation enables increased productivity, production flexibility, as well as completely new products, services and business models. AI allows Finnish companies to add elements to their products and services that provide customers with greater added value
Artificial intelligence is already heavily used in, say, the process industry. In the future, the implications will also extend to the banking and trade sectors and to the media. Even now, some jobs will become redundant but, at the same time, new jobs will be created. We need to pay attention to the need for education in the changes taking place in working life: we have to ensure that those who enter the labour market have the necessary skills and those already working will continue updating their skills.

At the same time, employees’ input can be used, for example, in the services and care sector for the human encounter, leaving the repetitive, monotonous tasks to AI. It is also worth noting that Germany has the highest degree of robotisation in Europe—and the lowest unemployment rate.

AI is here to stay as part of digitalisation in industry, but increasingly also in the services and transport sector. It facilitates the handling of various tasks and will enable us to develop more customer-friendly services. The best results are obtained when artificial intelligence assists the employee in his or her daily work.
No. Due to transparency issues and security, the use of artificial intelligence requires careful cooperation between different legislative entities. The security of access to information must be guaranteed to individuals.
QSS Technosoft is able to create a safe practice where you will know where your personal data is, who uses it, and how you can benefit from it. Your data is in the safe hands. For more details, talk to our Artificial Intelligence Development Team.
Above all, AI is a means of improving people’s lives, which can be done, for example, through better services. However, we must take care of information security and legislation when processing personal data, for instance.

In any case, we need to identify any potential threats and find responses to them through extensive social debate. Ethical issues come to the fore if the decision-making process is increasingly shifted to software. The behaviour of self-driving cars in dangerous situations is a well-known example. It is also necessary to evaluate, for example, the various aspects related to the financing of the welfare society. Many of these factors also require international cooperation.

We as Artificial Intelligence Development Company, support AI because of its capabilities. Get in touch with us for your AI Development Program.