The biggest advantage, React native offers to upgrade hybrid mobile apps developed in Cordova framework by providing plugin support to use existing Cordova based code for developers. There is no such need to rewrite or overhaul existing hybrid application saving a huge amount of efforts and respective cost. The beauty of such extension is to have much improvised UI for exiting application.

Developing new java script based hybrid mobile applications using React Native are much efficient in terms of cost effectiveness with quick development turnaround time. It offers light weight UI components to build hybrid mobile apps having nice look and feel with greater performance and smoother usage. React Native also provides various plugin to incorporate functionalities for rendering in native device manner instead opening in web view like Google Maps.

From architectural point of view, React Native provides developers with flexibility and liberty to use React Native components natively for iOS and Android as well as implementing a common core code for both platforms as a true hybrid mobile application. The developers can also use both as a combination , hybrid as well as native, depending upon project specific requirements.

QSS is developing both kind of java script based hybrid mobile applications as new development as well as enhancing existing Cordova based application to achieve a rich UI, for its customers. The company has a React Native competency in place with good pool of resources having development expertise in React Native.