Segments – Warehouse-Inventory Management


Packaging is major and complex component at any warehouse which involves a number of activities like handling purchase orders and related entries, inventory and packaging of desired material etc. Our best in class customized and seamless logistics solution helps customer to complete these activities with no pain.


Shipment requires proper acknowledgement, tracking and delivering of goods from source to destination. Our customized shipment module provides customers the flexibilities to handle this chain with utmost ease.


Logistics can’t be imagined without having containers which load/unload material from warehouse to ports/vessels and then ports to delivery points. The integration of our container module with Packaging and Shipment ensures customers to have a complete and successful delivery cycle of goods.

QSS Solutions and Offerings

QSS provides mobile, web and IPS services by offering agility solutions to its clients with a dedicated team of highly motivated resources in its Retail and Logistics competency and a best in class cost effective delivery model to Indian as well as International customers.

Client’s Gain:

  1. Cutting edge logistic technology implementations with higher ROI
  2. Well informed customers that receive a consistent automated logistics experience across all channels
  3. Increased customer loyalty
  4. Cost optimization
  5. Operations and Support – Centrally Managed
  6. Enhanced productivity