QA & Testing – REST API Testing Using Cucumber

We test REST API with the Behaviour-Driven Cucumber Approach.


Behaviour-driven Development (BDD) being increasingly popular in recent times is aimed at testing the behavior of the entire application instead of just the individual units. Cucumber- a framework highly used for testing REST APIs is compatible with BDD (Behaviour-Driven Development). The approach is used to write acceptance tests for the applications while allowing the automation of functional validation in an easily readable and understandable format for Developers & Testers. Being considered the favorite & easy tool for projects, Cucumber supports Java as well as many other languages like Perl, PHP, native JUnit, Python, and .Net, etc. The software can also be used along with a suite of automation test tools like Selenium, Watir, Capybara, etc.

In this era of technology, applications depend highly on well-tested, well-designed, developed, and well-documented APIs. We, at QSS Technosoft, offer full-cycle testing and quality assurance services using Cucumber for web and mobile applications. Our custom dedicated QA teams have been offering independent quality engineering and a wide range of software testing services and solutions for the next-generation enterprises and ISVs across the globe.

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Let’s Start With Cucumber for End-to-End Testing

Cucumber is based on three main components:

  • It has 3 different scenarios, each including a combination of steps: Given, When, and Then. Cucumber explains the behavior of the application in a simple English text using Gherkin language.
  • Step definition is the second component of Cucumber. It is a Java file that implements in code the steps described in the feature.
  • The third component is the test class which is a JUnit (or TestNG) that works by binding the two former components.

Our Area of Expertise- Cucumber

  • Mobile App Testing, both iOS & Android.
  • Web Testing.
  • Automation Testing for software.
  • Performance Testing.
  • Game Testing.
  • Security Testing.

Why You should opt for QSS for Cucumber-based Rest API Testing?

QSS stands alone in offering QA & Testing services using the Cucumber approach. Our certified Software Quality Engineers are highly motivated, results-oriented, and have a passion for constantly improving our processes and workflows. Consider our capabilities before choosing us:

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We are known for our Comprehensive QA Knowledge
Our QA & Testing engineers are well-versed in all the standard test types and even further. Whether you want to test for functionality, performance, UI, or localization, conduct security audits, and implement complex test automation, QSS will get you covered!
We Offer 100% Transparency & Control
Our software testing services guarantee 100% results visibility. Full access is provided to complete QA reporting, which includes test results & coverage, quality level, and status reports, quality trends, sign-off reports, and more.
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We follow a Rigorous QA Process & Testing

We provide best-in-class QA services with our well-defined software testing process that goes like this:

  • We first choose the optimum QA strategy.
  • Next is choosing the right software tools.
  • A well-defined Test or sprint planning is made.
  • Environment setup is done while preparing the test data.
  • It’s time to start executing tests now.
  • QA deliverables are transferred.
  • At last, a post-project review is conducted.
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We are known for our Vast Software Testing Experience

QSS has extensive experience across multiple industry domains like Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, Law Enforcement, GIS/IPS, Workforce and Shift Management, etc. Till now, we have delivered Software Testing & QA Services in areas:

  • Web-based Applications including Desktop / Client-Server Applications.
  • Enterprise applications like ERP, CRM, POS.
  • Financial Systems.
  • Web Services / API.
  • Games Testing.
  • Database Applications.
  • Mobile Apps- both Native and Hybrid.

Our Technology Stack