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Leverage the power of GIS applications for expanding your business outreach beyond geographical boundaries



Unlock the powers of the geospatial analysis, statistics, and precise demonstration of the geographies for web and mobile applications to collect and interpret data in real-time for effective analytical decisions making regarding asset and equipment management, tracking users, deliveries, etc.

With the integration of progressive technologies, QSS Technosoft specializes in GIS-based application development to fetch data and geographical locations of the devices, to be used by businesses across industry verticals.

Drawing upon our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies, our experienced app developers can help you in the development of top-notch GIS Mapping solutions for smooth integration with Google Maps to track the exact locations through customizable legend symbols, and polygon/markers with titles, and standard cartographic functions.

Our bespoke applications leverage leading-edge geo-location tracking technology, principally for GPS to demonstrate results that help strategy planning in field services of many industries.

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Our suite of GIS application development services

QSS Technosoft strives to support enterprises with a unified implementation of GIS-based application development solutions to help businesses improve inventory and delivery efficiency, data accuracy and system management, customer relationship management, and business performance. Our solutions suite adheres to the development lifecycle right from requirements analysis, design, coding, implementation, and testing to cohesive deployment.

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GIS Application Development Services
We can help you create customizable web and mobile applications that you can use to effortlessly perform any GIS task, from easy to progressive, including mapping, layering, geographic analysis, data editing, compiling thematic visualization, and geo-processing.
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Fleet Routing and Tracking Apps
Improve your fleet management with the development of customizable fleet routing and tracking applications with features like satellite view and monitoring, fuel management, automatic driver assignments, sensor integration, bespoke labeling, and innovative security provisions.
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Field Service Apps
By leveraging our GIS application development services, our experienced developers can help you with the development of mobile field service apps to keep a tab on your employees from a single point location with key functionalities like the capability to trace individual field workforces, track deliveries, route drivers, and competently manage to dispatch operations, track assets and manage a database of location-explicit events.
gis mapping software development
GIS Mapping Software Development
Visualize spatial data or build decision support systems for business-critical insights by leveraging our GIS Mapping Software Development solutions. Our mapping software is geographical feature-rich that includes spatial queries, Internet-based mapping, GPS support, data classification, areas of influence, surface analysis, drive-time bands and territories, shortest route, geographic overlay, hot spot, and much more.
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Geofencing Location-Based Apps
We deliver geo-fencing solutions to confine search operations on devices with pre-defined conditional parameters to tap targeted services for users. Plus, we develop geo-tagging software with bespoke modules that can be impeccably unified with photo applications and remote sensing devices (barcode, QR scanners).
GIS Mobile App Integration
We can help you with server-centric mobile GIS-based application development to synchronize maps and data unswervingly with a GIS server and cache information in the vicinity on any device to support both engaged and disengaged applications.
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Location Based Apps
We design enterprise-grade applications with location-refining modules to generate highly accurate driving approximations, dynamic condition filtering, and easy-to-use interfaces.

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