Agile Methodology

How effective is Agile Software Development Methodology?

The Agile Methodology is a term used for an incremental and iterative software development approach to control and incorporate continuously moving requirements. This consists of breaking down the complete development process cycle in various different tasks. The process is further categorized into the number of sub-tasks where every task performs…

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Article on Wire framing

Designing and developing websites, which work across multiple devices is an important part of the work which we do on today’s web. Our responsive work which we do is forcing us to re-think,about how we must plan out our blueprint of the designs and how those design pages decently fit…

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GraphQL and Relay

Getting Started with GraphQL and Relay

Abstract This article is targeted towards the audience who want to do more than just handle UI on a networking application and want to handle data fetching and manipulation. Though there are many clients to handle data fetching, Apollo and Relay are amongst the most used and famous libraries when…

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Typescript with React

How to use Typescript With React?

Abstract This article is targeted towards those users who want to know about TypeScript and its compatibility with React. Here, we mainly focus on TypeScript. We will discuss the following point. What is TypeScript? How this is different from JavaScript? Why should we use this in our projects? Why TypeScript…

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Discover Meteor Image

Why and How to Use Meteor JS in Javascript Apps?

Abstract This article is targeted towards both beginner and experienced developers who have some knowledge of JavaScript and Networking Application Development. This Article will give you a brief introduction of Meteor JS and also answer your questions such as why should you start using Meteor JS, what it can do,…

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CSS Per Compiler or Pre Processor

What is CSS pre-compiler or pre-processors?

Abstract: While writing CSS might also feel a chunk taxing, requiring loads of the same content to be completed again and again. This distinctive task, while commonly small, does add quite a bit of inefficiency. Fortunately, these have been diagnosed and pre-compilers are answers to this issue. CSS Pre-compiler is…

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We Are Proud to be 5 Star

We’re Proud to Be 5-Star Web and App Innovators!

Today, the United States hosts the largest population of software developers, but by 2023, India is expected to overtake the U.S. and become home to the most software developers in the world. With so much talent in India, how do you choose the agency that is right for you? What…

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Future of Software Testing

Future trends of Software Testing for Quality Delivery

Abstract: The rapid technological advancements in the software testing industry lead to the rise of the evolution of new testing approaches. Quality delivery factors are being given major attention, which results in the reduction of software application errors, improving security and application performance. There is a strong need to adapt…

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NoSQL Database

Unleash the power of NoSQL Database – MongoDB

Abstract This article's targeted audience is, mostly, developers who want a quick start with a NoSQL database like MongoDB. The article explains the usefulness of a NoSQL database over a SQL database. Introduction What is MongoDB? MongoDB is classified as NoSQL Databases, developed by MongoDB Inc. It was initially released…

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Cross Platform Apps using Cordova

Build Cross Platform Mobile Apps using Apache Cordova

Abstract This article is all about a basic introduction of Cordova. We will see the architecture of Cordova, that how Cordova works, how to create apps in Cordova, how to set a platform for the app, directory structure, and deployment of apps on phone. Introduction Cordova is powered by Apache…

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