flutter for ios apps

Why Flutter is the Best Choice for iOS App Development?

Today, the mobile app development industry is witnessing a cut-throat competition. Among most of the development companies, there is a vast desire to cut down development costs, optimize time, produce more and convey quality services and applications. This is where the Flutter plays its part. Introduced by Google, Flutter is…

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elearning trends 2020

Top 8 E-Learning Trends that Educators Must Aware in 2020

Technology is continuously disrupting the field of education either by introducing new developments in learning styles or by integrating various aspects to make the learning experience even better.  Custom eLearning development solutions have been growing exponentially improving the learning experience of learners either in school, college or corporate offices. If…

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xamarin vs react native: best compression

React Native VS Xamarin: Which Technology is in the Race?

React Native and Xamarin are two great development tools for today’s mobile app development industry. Both these technologies are considered the top cross-platform frameworks for mobile app development as they allow businesses to build the same app for different OS platforms simultaneously. Most of the businesses often get confused between…

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On-Demand Mobile Apps in 2020 for Services Startup

Polpular Mobile Apps in 2020 for On-Demand Services Startups

With the popularity of on-demand services, Mobile application development companies are emphasizing on building mobile apps that will get services to the doorsteps of it. Whether you are looking to build a cab for your journey or want to instantly book an appointment for your salon, all you need to…

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ai trends in 2020

Top 8 AI Trends to Watch Out in 2020 (Updated)

Artificial Intelligence discovered decades ago has a lot more capabilities other than just associated with robots. Today, AI usage can be seen in almost everything we use—from home appliances to office equipment to personal gadgets. AI has a great role in certain devices known for showing human-like characteristics. The technology…

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why flutter app development trends in 2020

8 Ideal Reasons Make Flutter as Robust Development Technology

Mobile App Technology is the biggest revolution of today that can decide the fate of your mobile application. In this very competitive mobile app industry, maximum business apps fail drastically. There are many reasons for a failed mobile app, some being lack of originality factor, customer-oriented features, development technology, vague…

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ios app development trends 2020

Top 10 iOS App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

With the boom of technology, almost every sector is experiencing an enhanced & positive change. Technology advancements are all set to amaze you with even exciting features. The mobile industry is likely to experience the most technological advancements this year. Many businesses are leveraging this strategy to make their mobile…

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healthcare mobile app development

Healthcare Mobile App Development 2020: What Do Patients Really Want?

Healthcare apps is the top mobile app technology trend ruling the year 2020.  Today, most of the healthcare providers and big hospitals are investing in healthcare app development to improve the condition as well offering quick and quality services to patients. Most of the healthcare organization seeks developing the healthcare…

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react native app development cost

Is React Native A Cost-Effective Solution to App Development?

Developing an app requires deciding few factors like- the mobile operating systems you want to target, the technology/framework that best suits your business needs without costing you much.  If you are confused between choosing Android or iOS as your next app development platform, then we have made this selection easier…

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mobile app ideas

21 Incredible Mobile App Ideas to Watch Out in 2020

Mobiles have become an inevitable part of our lives. Today, there is a mobile app for almost everything- from booking cabs, food delivery, movie tickets, to meditation, exercise, and dating. Statistics reveal that by 2018, approx 194 billion apps were downloaded and the number will even go higher in the…

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top 10 aws consulting companies for cloud services in 2020

Top 10 AWS Consulting Companies for Cloud Services in 2020

Cloud Computing Services is an IT based service that helps in storing and accessing data over the internet from a remote server. Cloud computing services help managing your business applications and development platforms to servers, storage, and virtual desktops. Out of various types of cloud computing services available in the…

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need to know how much does cost to flutter app development?

How Much Does it Cost to Flutter App Development?

Google's Flutter is a hot topic these days. This promising technology can be seen setting up new benchmarks and popularity among mobile app developers. Flutter app development is surely a perfect match for everyone looking for a powerful mobile app for their next big project. Features like easy usability, fast…

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ai in healthcare app development

Looking Back to 2019 for Effective Role of AI in Healthcare Industry

AI in Healthcare is evolving at a faster rate. Artificial Intelligence is capable of detecting meaningful relationships in a data set and has been widely used in many healthcare facilities to diagnose, treat, and predict the medical results. The year 2019 was spent tracking the steady evolution of AI and…

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