iOS 14 features

Apple Releases iOS 14: Top 12 Mind Blowing Features for iPhone Users

Earlier announced last month, Apple finally released the full version of iOS 14. This article is a sneak peak to an early look of this version. Let’s check what's coming to our iPhones with this all new update.  While the smartphone giant has introduced multiple privacy-centric features in the iOS…

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Top 10 Web Application Development Frameworks of 2020 (Recommended)

With millions of web apps out there, the website designing and development industry is the most influential and growth-oriented industry of today's world. To have a successful online presence, your website should be 360 degree capable to attract & satisfy your customers. There are various factors that decide the fate…

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xamarin mobile apps

Top 10 Xamarin Mobile Apps Built for 10 Different Business Domains

Xamarin is a perfect cross-platform tool equipped with amazing features like code re-usability, quick time-to-market, native UI, multiple platform compatibility, API access, and performance. These all features make this cross-platform app development framework a profitable solution for businesses based across a wide range of domains. Xamarin is certainly a step…

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mobile app development frameworks

Top 6 Mobile App Development Frameworks 2020-21

Choosing the right development technology is one of the crucial aspects of mobile app development that actually decides the fate of a business. Not only businesses but even app developers got confused in selecting the right framework for mobile app development.  Among a number of frameworks available in the tech…

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android 11 released features

Developer Preview for Android 11 Released- Insights Here

On April 23, Android released the Developer Preview 3 for Android 11- the latest version of Android! This all-new version is particularly focusing on previous bug fixes with the addition of some really overwhelming features in terms of privacy & overall performance. This article is a sneak-peak into this recent…

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food delivery app development cost

Ultimate Guide To Food Delivery App Development Cost & Features

Food ordering and delivery have disrupted the food industry in recent times. So you must want to know that how much does it cost (around $20,000 to $30,000*) to build food delivery apps like UberEats or Zomato?. Food Delivery Apps have completely revolutionized the traditional approach of dining in or…

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top 10 most used mobile apps in 2020

Top 10 Most Used Mobile Apps in the World {Updated 2019-20}

In this article, we are sharing a curated list of Top 10 popular mobile applications that people are using mostly in 2019-20. The mobile app market continues to evolve and grow . The competition is certainly fierce between mobile industry business rivals. As per Comscore’s yearly U.S. portable applications report, 57…

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node.js features and new diagnostics

Node.js 14 is Available Now with Improved diagnostics, upgraded V8 & more

Node.js 14 is just released with the latest updated features that include improved diagnostics, an upgrade of V8, an experimental Async Local Storage API, hardening of the streams APIs, removal of the Experimental Modules warning, and the removal of some long deprecated APIs. As per the release schedule by Github,…

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node.js should be used for enterprise app development

Node.js for Enterprise App Development? Is it a Good Fit?

A swift and secure web app is essential to survive the cutthroat competition. Node.js proves its excellence by offering a server environment that ensures enhanced business performance, employee connections as well as data confidentiality, and other aspects. According to a Node.js User Survey, 43% of Node.js developers use it to…

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choosing on-demand apps during covid-19

#COVID19- The Rise of On-Demand Apps During Quarantine Period

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has severely affected the whole world. Every one of us is highly affected by this ongoing pandemic. As the coronavirus tends to spread with human-to-human contact, the Governments of major nations have imposed social distancing to be followed strictly. Citizens are bound to limit their outings and…

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flutter for ios apps

Why Flutter is the Best Choice for iOS App Development?

Today, the mobile app development industry is witnessing a cut-throat competition. Among most of the development companies, there is a vast desire to cut down development costs, optimize time, produce more and convey quality services and applications. This is where the Flutter plays its part. Introduced by Google, Flutter is…

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elearning trends 2020

Top 8 E-Learning Trends that Educators Must Aware in 2020

Technology is continuously disrupting the field of education either by introducing new developments in learning styles or by integrating various aspects to make the learning experience even better.  Custom eLearning development solutions have been growing exponentially improving the learning experience of learners either in school, college or corporate offices. If…

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xamarin vs react native: best compression

React Native VS Xamarin: Which Technology is in the Race?

React Native and Xamarin are two great development tools for today’s mobile app development industry. Both these technologies are considered the top cross-platform frameworks for mobile app development as they allow businesses to build the same app for different OS platforms simultaneously. Most of the businesses often get confused between…

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