healthcare chatbot development cost

What does it Cost to Develop a Chatbot Solution for Healthcare?

AI enabled Chatbots are undoubtedly revolutionizing the major industries around the globe and the healthcare industry is no more an exception to this. Organizations today are reaping benefits of these AI-enabled virtual messengers for automating their routine processes and offering clients full 24×7 support virtually helping them for queries related…

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best javascript frameworks

Top 6 JavaScript Frameworks (Front & Backend) Experts Totally Love

Whether you are seeking to develop a front-end Web application or back-end web application, JavaScript is everywhere. JavaScript handles websites’ scripted behavior, from loading and reloading new page content without totally refreshing the page. According to stackoverflow’s developer survey 2020, JavaScript is the most commonly used language for the 8th…

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travel app development

COVID-19 Impact: Essential Considerations for Travel App Development

The digital revolution has disrupted the way the travel industry works. Before the COVID-19 pandemic situation, travel was one of the few industries witnessing the massive growth. There was a significant rise in the in-app bookings and apps like MakeMyTrip,, TripAdvisor etc. were a huge hit among the travelers…

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language learning app development cost

Estimating the Cost of Language Learning App Development

Acquiring the skills of learning foreign language is a new trend going on. There are various language learning institutes and web/mobile apps that are helping students across the globe get expertise into another language they wish to learn. The craze of learning  language has even witnessed a high jump amid…

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fluttter release new update

Google’s Flutter 1.20 Just Released- New Updates & Features Explained

Google, on August 5, 2020, has just launched the latest version of Flutter 1.20 Stable. In this latest version of Flutter, Google has focused more on UI improvements, updated visual studio code extension, and autofill for mobile text fields, etc.   The latest released version of Flutter 1.20 creates history with…

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telemedicine app development

What Does it Require to Build a Telemedicine App? Features & Cost Analysis

According to a recent report by Statista- "The global telemedicine market will grow almost four times in six years. This number is predicted to take a jump amid COVID pandemic lockdown."  Telemedicine app is surely a boon to the Digital healthcare industry. Not only it simplifies the consultation process for…

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updated features angular10

Top 12 Features and Updates of Newly Released Angular 10

Angular 10 has been launched recently with the beta version. The version focuses more on the quality tools and ecosystem. So, what does this all new Angular version 10 have for a web app developer? Let’s take a look below.  Latest Updates of Newly Launched Angular 10 Version  Let’s take…

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android libraries 2020

Top 15 Android Libraries 2020 for Android App Development

Android libraries are a set of implementations of behavior that are written in a programming language with a well-defined interface. These libraries include documentation, configuration data, help data, message templates, pre-written code and subroutines, values, classes to name a few. These libraries serve as a tool and offer necessary codes…

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increasing for educational app for covid-19

Increasing Demand of Educational App Development Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

With COVID 19 spreading too fast, the Government of various countries has made complete lockdown around the state, cities and the country as a whole. Everything is closed from offices to shops to colleges & schools. This lockdown time is really difficult for people, various industries & businesses across the…

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iOS 14 features

Apple Releases iOS 14: Top 12 Mind Blowing Features for iPhone Users

Earlier announced last month, Apple finally released the full version of iOS 14. This article is a sneak peak to an early look of this version. Let’s check what's coming to our iPhones with this all new update.  While the smartphone giant has introduced multiple privacy-centric features in the iOS…

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Top 10 Web Application Development Frameworks of 2020 (Recommended)

With millions of web apps out there, the website designing and development industry is the most influential and growth-oriented industry of today's world. To have a successful online presence, your website should be 360 degree capable to attract & satisfy your customers. There are various factors that decide the fate…

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