Sports Segments

Live coverage and analytics

The live updates of data and statistics are integral part of any sport. QSS has delivered web and mobile applications in this space for its esteemed clients.

Sports facilities bookings

The bookings of sporting facilities like grounds, courts, gyms are happening via online transactions and we have built applications to cater our customers to establish their products into this market segment.


We delivered sporting solution to athletes, coaches, colleges by bringing them together over a common platform for recruitment purpose. This helped coaches and athletes to identify each other for better prospects, where coaches can build their teams with athletes they want to have and athletes can find coaches to get them trained.

Promotions and merchandizing advertisements

Any sport needs sporting equipments and hence this gives opportunities to merchandisers to come over platform and can promote and sell their sport brands. Our solutions offer such help to customers where they can meet their targeted buyers of their products.


We provide solutions which offer capabilities to our customers to admin their websites, at their own, to further maintain and enhance by using our custom developed integrated CMS and CRM solutions.

QSS Solutions and Offerings

QSS provides web, mobile and data analytics services by offering agility solutions to its clients with a dedicated team of highly motivated resources in its Sports competency and a best in class cost effective delivery model.

Client’s Gain:

    1. Cutting edge Sports technology implementations with higher ROI
    2. Increased customer loyalty
    3. Cost optimization
    4. Operations and Support – Centrally Managed
    5. Enhanced productivity