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Features, Market Trends & Cost Analysis of eLearning App Development in 2022

eLearning apps have become a billion-dollar business idea during these tough times of the COVID pandemic. Almost every education based business is reaping benefits from it. Education, eLearningLook at the eLearning App Development Stages, and mLearning apps have become one of the best learning resources these days.  Remote education is gaining a lot of popularity via these highly- intuitive, knowledgeable, and best educational apps.

In this blog, we are enlisting how eLearning apps are hitting the education sector for a new promising future and what it takes to build a robust and feature-rich eLearning app for your education-based business.

Why Have Educational App Development?

The ongoing pandemic has restricted our entry into the outside world. Everything from offices to schools and colleges is shut down and has turned to digital mode. For a better and more advanced education system for kids, children & youths, advanced technologies like eLearning apps are turning out systems around the world to be fruitful- strictly dominating the way of the traditional education system.  Some of the benefits of switching to a digital model of education are-

  • eLearning apps are the need of the hour to promote advanced and organized learning anywhere, anytime.
  • In an eLearning app, everything is incorporated into a single app
  • An educational app can be used 24/7
  • eLearning apps can track students’ performance easily and let you know your weaker areas.
  • These apps can get you instant updates regarding everything.

Market Trends & Predictions for E-learning Apps

eLearning app Market trends

As per the German company Statista report, the digital learning market will grow to 243 billion US dollars by 2022. The report also suggests-

  • about 64% of students prefer to view educational materials using mobile devices;
  • applications are widely popular among smartphone and tablet users (about 90% of respondents actively download programs in the Play Market and App Store);
  • Users of smart devices show greater efficiency in acquiring knowledge and skills in comparison with people who do not use mobile gadgets.

Another survey by the American Institute of Public Opinion Gallup reported that more than 71% of people called the concept of e-learning more understandable and accessible than the traditional one.

This clearly indicates that eLearning apps are the future of the Education systems around the world.

Want to Develop A One? Look at the eLearning App Development Stages

Stage 1 – Market Analysis

One has to conduct thorough market research before finalizing the type of app they want to develop. Get a unique idea for your education app and conduct a SWOT analysis of your competitors so as to identify:

  • Their strengths and weaknesses;
  • opportunities to create a quality product;
  • external threats that can affect success.

This analysis will help you plan your future business strategy.

Stage 2 – Determining Your Target Audience

Establish your target audience and potential users who will be using your application. Identify their main needs and expectations, age group, and so on. This will help plan your app more accurately.

Stage 3 – Work on UI / UX design According to Target User Base

This would hold onto your future target audience. For example, if your app is meant for children, it should be bright, fun, and elementary in management. For older users, use a calm color scheme with a simple and intuitive interface. An overloaded design can lay a negative impact on the users.

Stage 4 –MVP features

The minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a version of your app that suggests whether your app has a minimum number of features to meet the needs of first users. It lets you first add upon core functionality user needs and a huge space for adding subsequent new features afterward after release. MVP also makes it possible to understand how the released product matches the market with minimal cost, and subsequently make adjustments to the strategy.

Stage  5 – Choosing the Monetization Method

The TOP 4 most profitable ways to monetize your eLearning apps are-

  1. Payment for the course- This is how most learning platforms work where users pay for each course they want access to. 
  2. Subscription- This is another well-known model where in order to access the content of the site, the user needs to pay a certain amount.
  3. Donations- This monetization model is somewhat risky and is generally used by non-commercial projects. 
  4. Run Ads- Another way to monetize is by placing ads in your eLearning application.

Features & Functionalities to Be Added

Regardless of what type of application you chose for your business, and what your target audience is, your app should contain the necessary set of functions mentioned below-

Registration and account management

The app’s users (students and teachers) should have a proper identification procedure. Make them register by email address or phone number and password. You can also give social media login options like Facebook.

Search Tab & Filters

An eLearning app basically works like a directory where all learning materials are posted. Searching for a particular course may be difficult in case there are too many courses. To ease down finding the right course, try offering:

  • search bar for finding a particular course
  • categories of the courses
  • filters – by language, cost, level

Control panel

This feature helps students to track their progress by seeing the work done, the number of courses, hours spent, etc.  Also, teachers can get useful information like their ratings, attendance, income, etc.

Admin panel

This function is required to manage content on the platform, edit, update and delete courses, notifications, and so on.

Detailed course page

An app has a lot more courses consisting of videos, podcasts, interactive tutorials, or online chats. There should be a specific page for each course with its description, data about the authors, and a list of materials, and topics, as well as details of the certificate students, would get after completing the course. 

Payment methods

For paid courses, students would use the feature to pay for them, and teachers should be able to receive their earnings. A secure payment method should be chosen. You can offer easy payment options like bank cards, UPIs, smart wallets, and so on.


Through this feature, you can notify students about new courses, events, or promotions by sending notifications to their email addresses or messengers. 

How much does it cost to develop an e-learning app?

In order to finally analyze the cost of developing an eLearning app, consider these 3 major factors-

  1. The complexity of the App– If the platform contains only basic functionality, the price of its development would be cheaper. The price will go up if you choose to add a variety of options like interactive, audio, or video, prices go up.
  2. The number of platforms your app uses- If the app is being developed for Android only or iOS only, the cost incurred is limited to one platform. However, if you need to create a product for multiple platforms, the cost will increase.
  3. The development team you seek to hire- The more complex your app would be, the more versatile team of developers you will need to hire for the project.

Considering the above factors, the average per-hour cost of developing the app is approximately $ 40-60. Assuming that the project will take about 1000 hours, creating an e-learning application will cost approximately US $ 40,000-60,000.

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