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JavaScript Still Being #1 in Modern App Development –Top Reasons

JavaScript is consistently among the top programming languages and is still resting on the number one position. As per the report by GitHub’s State of the Octoverse, “JavaScript has consistently been the most popular programming language based on the number of contributors to projects on GitHub.”

So, what makes it grab so much popularity among the developers? The article emphasizes on the same! Continue reading the reasons behind this undeniable popularity of Javascript, topmost reasons to consider this programming language for your next business app and the most exciting benefits & future prediction of Javascript.

The Undeniable Popularity of JavaScript

JavaScript is a server-side language that has been continuously gaining popularity because of its scalability feature in cloud computing as well as the back-end. The technology could be integrated with other languages and can well communicate with databases too. The language is highly used as server-side because browsers have engines that could quickly process it.

Javascript’s Node.js as a backend framework is highly demanding & popular. The framework has been used for writing big platforms for eBay, NASA, and so on. Node uses JavaScript to build scalable web apps like multiplayer games, messaging platforms etc.

Because of its versatility, JS is considered the ideal language in web app development. One can hire Javascript developers for building secure and engaging web apps for customers.

4 Reasons to Choose JavaScript for You Next Business App

  1. Omni-platform

JavaScript is a universal language that can be run everywhere, including:

  • Devices like mobiles, tablets, and laptops
  • On the client-side as well as the server-side
  1. Vast Community

JavaScript has been around for 25 years and has a vast community known for building massive resources for JS including plugins and frameworks.

  1. Modern frameworks

Modern JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js are being optimized for better performance. These frameworks are high in demand and are very developer-friendly with good community support.

  1. JavaScript caters to beginner, intermediate, and advanced developers

For JavaScript, you don’t need to have an environment setup; just open a browser, like Chrome, navigate to Developer Tools, and start coding. The language is relatively easy to get started with and can well cater to beginners and advanced developers.

For an advanced level JS, you may need to develop proficiency in these concepts:

  • JavaScript’s multi-paradigm nature
  • Applying design patterns in JavaScript
  • Closures to give access to an outer function’s scope from an inner function.
  • Currying to translate a function from callable
  • Promises and Observables
  • TypeScript

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Benefits of using JavaScript for Modern App Development

Fastest Speed

JS is known for its speed. It  runs right away most often within the browser of the client. With just in time compilation supported by major browsers, the framework works even faster as there would be no need for code compilation before you run it.

Massive Popularity

JavaScript is everywhere around the web. The use of this programming language as a backend is even going with Node.js. With the availability of countless resources, the popularity of JS is only expected to grow more.

Easy to Learn

Java is relatively easier to learn than other programming languages, such as C++.

Reduced Server Load

Being client-side, JS reduces overall servers’ demand thus reducing server load. Some apps like seamless ones don’t require the server to function.

Rich interfaces

With JavaScript, you can create features, such as drag and drop, as well as components like sliders. These rich interfaces boost the user experience to greater levels.

Extended Functionality

The functionality of web pages could further be extended by writing JavaScript snippets for third-party add-ons.


JavaScript can be used in versatile ways via the Node.js servers. For instance, if you bootstrap Node.Js with Express, use databases such as MongoDB, and JavaScript on the frontend.

Continuous Updates

TheECMA International is dedicated to updating the JavaScript program annually.


Javascript, unlike other languages like PHP, could be used in various apps including web apps.

Future of Javascript | Conclusion

With the ever growing popularity, JavaScript is definitely here to stay and will continue to dominate the web development industry. Full-stack development and the modern frontend framework make JavaScript one of the most popular programming languages of this era. Many big projects like Supernova and BAYOU have made substantial breakthroughs in integrating JavaScript with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Hire Top JavaScript Development Company

JavaScript has been empowering all sorts of web app development. Choosing the best JavaScript frameworks for your unique requirement is a daunting task as every framework is packed with its own unique features. Consulting from an expert Javascript development company can help you in selecting the best for your dream project. So are you up for it?

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