Mobile Healthcare App

The app features comprise of online consultation, prescription, and follow-ups that considerably reduce the physical visits to hospitals. The app is helpful to physically disabled and old aged patients.

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Our Technology Stack

App Features Include


  • Seamless integration of complex backend processing with rich UI/UX for end system users
  • Improved efficiency of work by miles
  • Remove fatal errors from the existing manual process
  • High data accuracy for an end to end operation
  • The online consultation, prescription, and follow-ups reduced physical visits to hospitals and helping a lot to physically disable and old aged patients in mankind
  • Instant report generations
  • Automated process and workflow at every step
  • Continuous control over the monitoring of patient’s vital complimented with immediate treatment reduces emergency situations for patients when they are in remote locations.
  • Patient data is secured with a well-maintained history, which is very important when patients move from one provider to another for treatment and help doctors to prescribe a precise treatment plan.
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