Incident Management

Cross-platform mobility solutions to record and notifying health facilities about incidents in alarming situations for a US-based customer. This solution caters both online and offline transactions securely.


There are many major incidents that have significant impacts on people’s health, placing additional demands on health-care organizations. Our aim is to enhance knowledge and understanding of health-care emergency planning among the wider research community, by highlighting key issues and perspectives on the subject and presenting a solution. Four broad areas of priorities are suggested:

  • Awareness to the public about the incident.
  • Society and Hospital collaboration for incident planning.
  • Preparing organizations and prioritization and decision making on incident plans.
  • Arrangement of medical facilities for incidents with quick response.

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An incident may increase the demand for health care or may reduce its supply, or both. Increase in demand may have two aspects:

  • The simple volume of the patients
  • The nature of health problems present

Similarly, the supply of health care, which relies on a range of structures, processes, and resources including human resources, facilities, organization, equipment, and supplies, has both quantitative and qualitative aspects. Pre-planning for Incidents requires the following information at a glance:

  • Information center to maintain situational awareness against incidents
  • Sharing information process for the incidents
  • Check on things going on in and around your jurisdiction(s)
  • Quick Resource planning for incidents
  • Arrangement of health care facilities on the incident


Major challenges while developing the solution:

  • Logging an Incident as per the jurisdictions with quick responsive way
  • Defining complexity of Incidents which helps in planning the incident, example like high complex are natural disasters “Earthquake”.
  • Information should be captured while logging Incidents as,
    • Provider information and phone number
    • Incidents information
    • Location of Incidents
    • Current Situation of Incidents
    • Adding logs, Files to an incident
    • Assistance to be planned
  • Notifications for new Incidents and action requests.
  • Relating one incident to another so that incident plan should be executed effectively.
  • Managing Incidents supporting docs as documents, photos, videos.
  • Actions Request to the Hospitals against Incidents – Legacy and Custom.
  • In-app security features
  • AES 256 encrypted transactions saved in the mobile local device.
  • Single-Sign-On implementation for users login
  • Dynamic UI forms generation for custom AR


We developed a hybrid (cross-platform) Mobile App solution against the challenges that we identified for a US-based customer. Android and iOS apps are successfully deployed to respective stores. Major features as per the challenges we have faced are:

  • Add Incident
  • Add Logs and Files upload for Incident
  • Action Request and confirmation for Incident
  • Pending Incident/Logs/Files//Request – Offline transactions support
  • Related Incidents
  • Securely managed the offline transaction with AES 256 encryption
  • SSO Login
  • In-app configurable security features to block copy/paste, screenshots and hiding transactions in-app background.
  • Dynamic UI forms generation for Custom Action Request

Tech Stack

The engineering behind this application

We Used a Combination of Languages and Frameworks to Make the Application Accessible to Daily Active Users. The selection of this technology set was decided upon by gathering a complete insight into the project present and projected

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