Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Paper Wallet Development

We help You Launch your Secure Crypto Wallet for faster & safer transactions.

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Cryptocurrency wallet is a secure medium to earn, monitor and transfer your virtual currencies in the form of crypto tokens. It allows cryptocurrencies to be recorded as transactions on the Blockchain network like Ethereum, Hyperledger etc. When a cryptocurrency is transferred to the wallet, the ownership of the currency is passed on to the dedicated wallet’s address.

Developing a cryptocurrency wallet will get you an added benefit of safe and reliable transactions. If you are too looking to develop your own Cryptocurrency wallet, then we could be your ultimate choice.

QSS Technosoft is a leading name in developing safe and secure Cryptocurrency Wallet Development services. Our developed cryptocurrency wallet can store private and public keys and interacts with various Blockchain to enable users to send and receive digital currency while monitoring their balance. Our team of passionate & motivated Blockchain developers offer you customizable cryptocurrency wallet development solutions as per your requirement.

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Why you Need a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

With the rising number of cryptocurrencies and ICOs, it has become vital to secure and monitor your digital currencies. The increasing price of bitcoin, from past few years, has let the cryptocurrency wallet chosen by many for the business transactions. For any transactions in cryptocurrency, you will need a cryptocurrency Wallet.

With a dedicated Cryptocurrency wallet, you can store, exchange and trade the virtual currency such as Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Monero, etc. by using it. When a cryptocurrency is transferred from one owner to the other, wallet takes the ownership of one digital asset which is passed on to the next dedicated wallet.


Are Cryptocurrency Wallets Secured? Features of Crypto Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallet development services by QSS involve integrating high-end features offering an impeccable user interface. We rely on developing a white label cryptocurrency wallet equipped with the latest features, high-end security to safeguard your cryptocurrencies, and user-friendly design and monitor them 24/7. Here are the main features of Cryptocurrency wallets we rely on building for businesses.

2-factor authentication for Security & Control Fraudulent Transactions
This feature, equipped with 256 AES cryptography, is provided to maintain a secure user account. The admin escrow service ensures no frauds in transactions.
Track of most used addresses
This feature helps businesses in tracking all the readily available user addresses.
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Paper wallet development
The function is offered to enable scan and print private/public keys on paper so that you can store this very important information as a cold storage.
Conversion rates
Conversion rates will offer you an instant view of the updated cryptocurrency value. This can be achieved by integrating to some cryptocurrency exchanges like BitRax, Binnace etc.
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QR code scanner
This is to add another security layer while sending and accepting cryptocurrencies by scanning QR code.
Push notifications
This feature allows getting alerts on transactions and when the value/price of cryptocurrencies change as well as for the transactions performed with updated wallet balance.
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Merchant services
When you join as a merchant, you will be able to browse other cryptocurrency merchants with this feature to pair yourself for transactions.
Full-proof Security
To protect the user accounts with password and PIN using cryptography techniques.
Optional session logout
This is for a security measurement. Users will get automatically logged out after certain time, if inactive, and re-login is required.
Transaction history
This is to track & view the past transactions carried out on the wallet.
Wallet backup
A backup helps you protect your cryptocurrencies against software failure.
To let you access several currencies from the same/single wallet.

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Following are the full-fledged Cryptocurrency wallet services offered by us:

Decentralized Wallet Development
We take pride in developing and deploying custom decentralized cryptocurrency wallet to fast forward your business and to help you stay ahead of your competitors.
Mobile and Web Wallet Development
Our cryptocurrency wallet development services offers flawless web and mobile wallets that enable secure transactions via both private and public keys to send, receive and store digital currency. Where the web wallet allows quicker & multiple transactions, and direct exchange integration, the mobile wallet accept or send payments on the fly, supporting features like QR code scanning & more.
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Desktop Wallet development
A desktop wallet is considered the most secured cold storage method safer than any other wallet. We, being a professional crypto wallet development agency, offer seamless desktop wallet solutions with great features like simple user interface, no third party interruption & private key availability etc.
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Customized Cryptocurrency Exchange
Our skilled blockchain developers for hire deliver customized crypto exchange development solutions to boost your transactions offering highly-secure, user-friendly, scalable and fast payment features.