DApp Development Services

Decentralized Application for Secure and High Performing Transactions.


Decentralized Application (DApp) can be built using open-source software technologies, integrated with Blockchain network via smart contracts. Ethereum is one such Blockchain network to support DApp. DApp Development offer a great way to store data and exchange currencies without an intermediate. The App was first used for cryptocurrency wallets and exchange development, but today it is being implemented at various industries like gaming, finance & others that involve cryptocurrency exchanges.

If you are looking for Blockchain DApp development company, QSS Technosoft can be your best choice. QSS Technosoft is proficient at developing efficient smart contract accessible to decentralized applications (DApp) on blockchain networks like Ethereum.

Being one of the promising Decentralized Application Development Company in India, we offer reliable & scalable DApp services with our team of highly proficient Blockchain developers. We also create custom smart contract with solidity programming, to automate the business process with high security.

DApp Development Services

Why You Require DApps?

Need for a decentralized digital currency that used blockchain-infused decentralized ledger technology lead to the development of DApps. DApp development began after the launch of Bitcoin. DApps offers a better medium to directly connect users and developers. Unlike traditional apps, you don’t require permission for building a DApp. Also, the rules of the platform cannot be changed by a centralized group of people.

Other benefits of Decentralized Applications include:

  • A secure Blockchain backend to safeguard your data permanently
  • Decentralized core to eliminate any central authority
  • Open-Source platform for easy development & access
  • Various incentive and Reward programs for strengthening customer loyalty
  • Secure protocols & algorithms that automates the majority of activity

DApp Development Services We Offer

Decentralized Exchange Development
QSS builds a highly scalable exchange platform as per the client’s requirements. This helps in offering a secure transfer of cryptocurrency. With our developed decentralized exchange platform, you can connect external exchanges via distributed shared order books and APIs.
paper bills
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
We build a customized Cryptocurrency wallet to buy, sell and store the cryptocurrency like Bitcoin in a secure environment. The blockchain Wallet will provide secure payment solutions with unique public and private keys.
smart contacts development
Smart Contract Development
Hire us to develop a unique smart contract on Blockchain development networks suiting your business. Our developed Smart contracts ensure the trust and security inside the network of DApp.
business centric solution
Custom DApp development
Build a simplified, unique and reliable decentralized application to handle your business functionalities and operations under a decentralized peer to peer network.
Token Development
QSS Technosoft help you developing custom tokens for your DApp based on the security standards.
DApps Monetization Services
We help you monetize your DApps in ways like: Including a commission for the transaction, subscription services to membership, advertising services and donations from the DApp users.
app design
D-App Design
Our professional designers design user-friendly Dapps, thus offering a rich experience to the customers in the quick span of time.
hybrid apps
D-App Integration
Our belief lies in integrating functional D-apps for the customers through implementing smart contracts as per their specific business needs. We offer complete support for D-app integration through our powerful strategies.
qa testing
D-App Testing
After development, we ensure proper core testing of D-apps through our expert test team before we finally deliver your Blockchain project.
seamless migration
D-App Update Services
To keep your DApp functioning smoothly, you require updating it time to time. QSS offers you complete updating and migration app services for the smooth operation of your online businesses.

DApp Development Process We Follow

define problem
Identify and Define the Problem
First we do a thorough analysis to understand your business and accordingly identify the exact need for decentralized application.
Design DApp Architecture
We design DApp’s secure, scalable and high performing architecture based on the client’s requirement. We then place the DApp wither in-house, in the cloud or in a hybrid way after consulting with the client.
Selection of Consensus Mechanism
QSS follows a consensus mechanism through which the network members authenticate the transaction will be chosen. It may be proof of work (PoW), proof of stake (PoS), Byzantine fault tolerant, etc.
platform selection
Platform Selection
After then we select a Blockchain platform to build DApp based on the business requirement. We are pioneer in developing and integrating DApps with Ethereum, Hyperledger etc.
qa testing
Development and Testing
Our hire DApp developers will develop custom smart contract and DApp as per the client’s business requirement. Once it is developed, we test the application on the test network like Ganache to check the DApp performance including smart contract functionality.
Deliver and Support
After testing, we implement the DApp to the clients’ main network. Our technical support team will keep guiding the client about its applicability at their business.