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The Ultimate Guide to Building an On-Demand Laundry App 

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of contactless services in various industries, including the on-demand laundry market. With increased hygiene concerns, consumers are seeking services that prioritize contactless pickup and delivery, as well as stringent sanitization protocols. With the rise of on-demand services, building an on-demand laundry app has become a lucrative business opportunity. In this article, we are exploring the essential steps to build an on-demand laundry app that caters to the needs of modern customers. We will also discuss the estimated cost to build such an app. 

Online On-Demand Laundry Service Market

The online on-demand laundry service market has jumped significantly in recent years. And the most obvious reason for this is- busy lifestyles and the need for convenience! Customers today are increasingly turning to on-demand laundry apps to outsource their laundry tasks. 

According to a report by Statista, the global on-demand laundry service market was valued at $35.1 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $96.2 billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.1% during the forecast period. 

Benefits of Online Laundry App

online laundry app

Top benefits of an online Laundry App are-

1. Convenience: Users can schedule laundry pick-up and delivery at their preferred time and location. This eliminates the need to visit a physical laundry facility. 

2. Time-saving: Using a Laundry app for laundry tasks, users can save time & efforts. This is best for people who are busy in their work and don’t have time for household chores. 

3. Quality service: On-demand laundry apps often collaborate with professional laundry service providers, ensuring high-quality cleaning and care for clothes. 

4. Tracking and transparency: A robust laundry app allows users to track the progress of their laundry in real-time. 

5. Secure transactions: Online payment integration provides a secure and hassle-free payment experience. 

Key Features of an App for Online Laundry Service

Online Laundry Service

Wondering about the features of a scalable Laundry App? Here are the must include features you should consider in your app- 

  • User Registration and Profile Management: This feature will allow users to sign up and create profiles using their personal information and laundry preferences.
  • Service Selection: Allowing service options will enable users to choose from a range of laundry services, such as dry cleaning, washing, ironing, and folding.
  • Scheduling and Booking: This feature will provide users with the ability to schedule laundry pickups and deliveries at their preferred time slots.
  • Real-time Tracking: Integration of GPS technology will enable users to track the status of their laundry in real-time. This is a must to have feature.
  • Payment Integration: There is a need to implement a secure & robust payment gateway to ensure hassle-free and secure transactions.
  • Ratings and Reviews: This is a crucial feature and it allows users to rate and provide reviews on the quality of service they received. 

Have a Look at the Best Laundry Apps in the Market

Following are some of the best On- demand Laundry Apps in the USA-


Cleanly offers on-demand laundry and dry cleaning services with convenient pickup and delivery options. It provides excellent customer service and high-quality cleaning. 


Rinse is known for its easy-to-use app interface and reliable laundry services. It operates in multiple cities and offers a range of laundry options. 


Laundrapp is a popular laundry app that provides comprehensive laundry services, including dry cleaning and ironing. It offers competitive pricing and efficient service. 


Washio offers on-demand laundry and dry cleaning services with flexible scheduling options. It provides quick turnaround times and guarantees customer satisfaction. 

Building an On-Demand Laundry App- The Process 

On Demand Laundry App

The process of developing an On-demand Laundry app goes like this- 

Step 1- Market Research: 

Before diving into app development, it is crucial to conduct comprehensive market research. Identify your target audience, study your competitors, and determine the potential demand for on-demand laundry services in your area. Understand customer preferences, pain points, and expectations to create a solution that stands out in the market. 

Step 2- Define Key Features: 

Based on your market research, define the core features of your on-demand laundry app. Some essential features include: 

1. User Registration and Profile Management 

2. Service Selection 

3. Scheduling and Booking 

4. Real-time Tracking 

5. Secure Payment Integration 

6. Ratings and Reviews 

Step 3- Choose App Development Approach: 

There are two app development approaches you can consider: building a native app or going for cross-platform app development. 

1. Building a Native App: If you are looking to build your app for a particular operating system (iOS or Android). The native app requires separate development for each platform. 

2. Developing Cross-Platform App: This is built using frameworks like React Native or Flutter and will run on both iOS and Android platforms with a single codebase. It is highly popular these days. 

Step 4- UI/UX Design: 

An intuitive and user-friendly interface guarantees the success of your app. Make sure your app design should be visually appealing and navigation friendly. For an enhanced user experience, give proper attention to color schemes, typography, and iconography. 

Step 5- Backend Development: 

The backend of your app will handle user requests, manage data, and ensure seamless communication between users, laundry service providers, and delivery personnel. Consider using cloud-based solutions for scalability and flexibility. APIs can be utilized to integrate various third-party services like payment gateways, mapping, and notifications. 

Step 6- Testing and QA: 

Once the app is developed, you should thoroughly test it for bugs, glitches & other issues. Rely on performing functional testing, compatibility testing, and security testing of the app. Make sure to collect user feedback during the testing & make necessary improvements thereafter. 

Step 7- Launch and Marketing: 

Once your app is thoroughly tested, it’s time to launch it in the market. Create a marketing strategy to promote your on-demand app. Promote your app on social media and online advertisements to reach your target audience.

Step 8- User Feedback & Improvement: 

Regularly gather user feedback to understand their needs and expectations. Use this feedback to continuously improve your app’s features, performance, and overall user experience. Integrate new technologies and keep up with the latest trends to stay ahead of your competition.

How Much Time & Cost Does It Incur to Develop an On-demand Laundry App?

cost of developing laundry app

The development timeline for an on-demand laundry app depends on various factors, including- 

  • the complexity of features
  • platform selection (native or cross-platform), and 
  • team size.  

On average, it can take anywhere from three to six months to develop a robust and scalable laundry app.  

If we talk about the cost, it may cost anywhere between $50,000 and $80,000 as per the app complexity. We, at QSS, highly recommend prioritizing quality and thorough testing to ensure a seamless user experience. 


Overall, building an on-demand laundry app requires intensive planning & attention to detail. By following this guide, you can create an app that stands out in the competitive market. Make sure to continuously improve & update your app based on user feedback and market trends. Need expert assistance in building your laundry app? Or have a similar project?

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