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iOS-based Employee Safety Tracking and Security App

With rapid technology progression, the workforce has become more mobile today by using smart devices to minimize the work delay and improve productivity. The various team collaborates to work efficiently while being on-the-move. Work from home has proved to be a great performance booster, but such enhanced mobility comes with its severe threats and challenges. Emergencies, accidents do not occur announced; and concerning about employee safety is of prime concern for organizations. QSS Technosoft helping US-based enterprise to address this challenge by developing an employee safety and mobile security app.


Accidents and medical emergencies cannot be predicted. With increasing road accidents, employee safety and security is critical to any organization. With remote working teams, it is difficult to help an employee when faced with an emergency situation and needs immediate assistance. QSS Technosoft help you to get developed an employee safety and security app to implement precautionary measures for tackling an emergency or SOS situation. We developed a native mobile app for iOS.

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* Policy Management
* User Privacy & Data Protection
* Real-time location tracking of employees
* Application Connectivity


QSS Technosoft developed the employee safety management application by understanding the client’s requirement. The mobile application was built for iOS and followed a rapid application development approach. A proof of concept app was developed first where the application was created to target the security depart of the company. Three primary users used the mobile application: Employee, Team Leader, and the Business Owner. A backend system was developed using web framework to manage users like Security Head, Business Head and Office Administrator. Real-time tracking of user location was implemented in the employee’s mobile device, and the native mobile app had a workflow to submit any suspicious object in the surrounding areas. The Chief of Security can also set geo-fencing points for a particular employee on a location. If the assigned staff goes out of the range, then it sends real-time notifications to the Chief of Security. Moreover, the mobile app had additional functionality to alert its fellow team or employees regarding any suspicious activity or SOS.

Business Benefits

* Simplified security management process
* Efficient tracking process
* Intuitive user experience
* Scalable mobile & cloud-based solution

Industry Segment
* Digital Enterprise

Customer Profile
US-based digital enterprise

Technology and Tools
iOS 9

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