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The Significance of Mobile Apps in Healthcare Industry

Mobile applications that enable healthcare professionals to quickly cater to medical emergencies and provide improved patient services have paved a way for digital revolution in the healthcare industry.

They are increasingly becoming an essential part of doctor’s practices. From prescribing medicines and viewing x-ray or blood reports to tracking and monitoring symptoms and patient recovery, these mobile apps help doctors to virtually diagnose, treat, and monitor many common diseases while on the move.

According to Statista, health and fitness have been named as one of the top industries to accelerate the growth of digital devices. In addition, the global mHealth (or mobile health) solutions market is expected to reach $90.49 billion by 2020 from $21.17 billion in 2017, at a CAGR of 33.7 percent.

The prevalence of mobile and tablet devices is facilitating easier access to medical data. Previously, healthcare specialists relied on loads of printed material for recording and referencing patient information. But with the ever-growing use of mobile apps in healthcare, the world of inbound patients is rapidly transforming into a world of inbound data. However, the impact of such digital transition on healthcare systems and how doctors and patients consume and react to the data should not be undermined. So, let’s take a look at the following ways mobile apps will revolutionize the healthcare sector in 2018.

3 Major Healthcare Mobile Apps Benefits

Enabling Immediate Access to Care:

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Gone are the days when doctors use to make an in-home visit to diagnose and treat patients. Now, in-home visits have been replaced by a digital visit. With apps like Doctor on Demand, patients can quickly find a top doctor in proximity and book an appointment or audio/video chat within a matter of seconds. This way they can avoid making a potentially dangerous visit to a hospital in case of an emergency.

HealthTap is an interactive medical app that allows patients to ask general health questions to doctors who are available 24/7, without requiring them to book prior appointments. This app even helps physicians to keep in constant touch with their patients. Such virtual interaction is highly beneficial for elderly people who in most cases cannot be quickly shifted to the hospital.

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Establishing New Business Models:

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The practice of using referral pads and making door-to-door visits to foster patient relationships has now become outdated. RefferalMD, a HIPAA-compliant mobile app, is a cloud-based referral management system that can replace all the traditional referral methods. It helps doctors to quickly write resourceful referrals. It can also serve as a great solution to fulfill the massive surge of patient information digitally by allowing healthcare organizations to promote themselves to new patients and providers who seek healthcare services.

Facilitating Instant Connection between Doctors and Patients:

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Oftentimes patients find it difficult to interact with a doctor in a different language. Omnifluent Heath, a mobile health app built by SAIC, helps patients to communicate with doctors while instantly translating their concerns and queries into a language of their choice. This development is a major step towards helping doctors worldwide, including in the US, where 21 percent of the residents do not speak English. The healthcare companies and hospitals can now reduce their costs spent on translators.

PingMD, a HIPAA-compliant mobile health app, allows patients and doctors to securely communicate with each other. A doctor can use PingMD to connect with patients and share medical information, reports and text messages with them. They can also use this app for internal communication or viewing lab results and reports.

To conclude, the mobile apps in the healthcare industry will essentially help patients to schedule appointments, monitor the side effects of a medication, remind them to take pills, analyze health reports, and do a lot more. These digital applications will change the way patients and doctors engage while radically transforming the future of medical businesses.

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