App Ideas for Real Estate Startups

Top 10 Exclusive App Ideas for Real Estate Businesses

Real estate is a rapidly-paced industry of recent times. Many real estate businesses have started investing in technological advancements so as to boost their client experience and capacity of building top-notch trust with clients.

According to a survey- every 1 in 4 people uses a real estate mobile app to find, buy, and sell properties online.

Thus, investing in Real Estate Mobile Apps would make a significant difference to your business. Most real estate buyers are seen preferring mobile apps to check out several properties, compare them and get an estimated cost before making a final purchase decision. 

According to the National Association of Realtors report “More than 50% of the people look for properties online first, and this number will inevitably increase in coming years.”

In this article, we are presenting the top 10 exclusive real estate app ideas for your real estate business.

10 Best Real Estate App Ideas for Your Real Estate Business

best real estate app ideas

  1. Locality Review App

For real estate, a good locality is a foremost thing a buyer would consider. Using a locality review app, anyone can rate a locality based on the factors like education, hospitals, transportation ease, distance from the main town, living, amenities, and more.

A combination of these factors will create a star rating or a basic score of localities. Moreover, this kind of app helps clients simply find out which area is perfect for them. It helps them easily decide which real estate property they should invest in.

  1. Buying and Renting Info App

Renting or purchasing a home is sometimes a tough procedure as it needs lots of research and paperwork. To make this procedure feasible and simple for your clients, there should be a medium to get all information collectively with an easy option for paperless application methods. Access to all information in one place would help the purchasers decide on the best option while offering them a positive and memorable user experience. 

This kind of app also incorporates a communication channel between you and customers so they can contact you whenever they need it.

  1. Real Estate AR/VR App

Displaying the properties using AR/VR technology is one of the booming real estate business ideas of recent times. It is projected that AR/VR technology in the real estate sector is going to reach $2.6 billion by 2025. 

These technologies virtually help people visit properties at any time and from anywhere. Not only this, but it also saves money and time that people spend on checking different properties. Since AR/VR can virtually display all interior elements of properties, buyers can visualize a property with its interior designs. 

  1. Calculator App

A calculator app can act as a mortgage calculator app by immediately providing you with an idea of how much clients will require paying as per different parameters.

Additionally, it can help you calculate extra expenses when buying a property. With a calculator app, you can export both of these calculations easily into a report and email that to clients for their convenience.

  1. Property Investment App

A smart property investment app will offer a complete overview of the property market that they will require for making the best decision about investing in real estate properties. A property investment app must feature a chat box with the availability of an in-house specialist who is experienced and knowledgeable about the real estate market and can answer all user queries, offering solutions as well as reliable investment choices. The specialist must explain the areas where investors will receive the utmost return in case they purchase property there.

The app lists a property’s detailed assessment. All you need to tap on the screen and you will receive a comprehensive analysis of the property’s appropriate info.

  1. Lead Generation App

A Lead generation app can help you create leads by allowing users to enquire about a property by providing their personal data.

The user information is preserved in the CRM system and can be utilized for creating buyer’s profiles and optimizing sales actions. Businesses can also keep a check on how users are using your app and approaching others using software like Google Analytics.

  1. Property Listing App

Do you know nearly 93% of the buyers first explore the website’s online listing? One can list their properties-

  • just for rents
  • for sale and rent
  • just for sale

A property listing platform allows facilities like- property owners to sign up and list out their properties as well as allow Renters or buyers to check & buy properties depending on their needs. 

  1. Document Library App

Lending or selling a property includes checking lots of documents and sometimes, it’s tough to make sure that all documents are available instantly.

A document library mobile app helps you gather all important documents in one space and categorize them as per clients. With all documents managed at one place, you can easily display documents to clients directly over your smartphone device.

Moreover, you can sign documents straight on your devices with e-verified signature systems.

  1. Property Rental App

As people keep moving from one location to another, the rental business is an extremely growing business of the era.  With a property rental app, you can just create a brokerage model for your rental business. Afterward, you can begin renting your properties or facilitate a digital marketplace where all property owners can sign up for renting out their properties.

  1. Online Auction App

Online auctions are a very much attractive business strategy. Manual house auctions have been in existence for quite a long time. Buyers & sellers choose auctions as they are effective for making fair property deals. Online auctions require users to sign up on a platform for selling or buying a property. Some popular real estate online auctions are:

  • Retail property
  • Flipped property
  • Short-sale property
  • Foreclosed property


Real estate business has vast opportunities for the times to come.  If you are a Real estate business or an agent, it’s high time to digitize your real estate business. Just refer to the best app idea from above, hire a proficient Real Estate development company and witness massive business growth.

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