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10 Benefits of Mobile Health Apps {for Patients & Doctors}

Access to affordable healthcare is still a dream. Healthcare needs to be a collective effort to be successful & easily accessible to the masses. Technology and mobile apps are striving to offer better and smarter ways to deliver healthcare services to a large number of people. Healthcare mobile apps are cost-effective ways to deliver world-class yet affordable healthcare services to people residing even in remote places in the world.

Mobile medical apps developed by proficient healthcare app developers can help patients manage a range of health conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, and other chronic health conditions. Technology, when combined with healthcare, deliver exceptional results and that is why the medical industry is leveraging healthcare-integrated mobile app development. These apps are utilized by patients, doctors, hospital staff as well as the general public.

In this blog spot, we have listed the ways mobile medical apps are transforming the healthcare sector while bringing numerous benefits to patients, doctors, hospital staff as well as other healthcare facilities altogether.

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How Mobile Apps Can Benefit Healthcare Businesses?

benefit healthcare businesses

Revolutionizing the healthcare system through effective communication and quality of service, medical apps are directly benefitting both patients and clinicians. Mobile healthcare apps can be used for online consultation, diagnosis, appointments, and medical supply delivery. 

The global healthcare IT market is projected to reach USD 821.1 billion by 2026 from USD 326.1 billion in 2021, at a CAGR of 20.3% during the forecast period.  Here’s how the healthcare industry can take advantage of mobile app development.

1. Hassle-Free Communication Between Hospitals & Patients

A custom mobile app integrated with hospital management solutions can offer an online appointment option to patients. This gives immediate access to your patients so they don’t have to leave their houses and wait in the long queue at your hospital.

This is a hassle-free way to communicate with doctors, and hospital staff or get an inquiry about any health concern directly over their smartphone.

2. Handling Emergency Cases Becomes Easy

A dedicated mobile app offered by the hospital can take up emergency cases efficiently with much ease. In case of any emergency, the mobile application will notify the doctors about the emergency, and the doctor will immediately send all the necessary information through the app.

This will not only save time but help the doctor as well as hospital staff to speedily prepare for an emergency in advance. 

3. Improved Coordination b/w Departments

Healthcare-integrated mobile app helps doctors and hospital staff remain connected with patients. It allows effective coordination between the two streamlining the process between different departments that include upcoming appointments, test results, and reports, notifying hospital staff about the reports/documents required for the diagnosis, updates on the patient’s ongoing treatment, and alerting them if any medications are due.

4. Easy Integration with Wearables for Data Collection

The mobile app can seamlessly be integrated with wearable devices like pedometers or smartwatches. These collect health data like pulse rate, blood pressure, etc. The mobile app will collect daily updates about a patient’s health through these wearable devices and save them in the database.

5. Healthcare App Development Serves as an Excellent Business Opportunity

app development for healthcare

The integration of technology into the healthcare industry serves as an excellent business opportunity for many. The emergence of trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and IoT in healthcare apps has even made this field an exceptional opportunity for many entrepreneurs. Investing time, effort, and money in healthcare apps are helping businesses attain profits in the long run.

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6. Easy Access to Medical Care Even in Remote Areas

According to a report released by WHO, nearly half of the people do not have access to proper healthcare. An efficient mobile app can help bridge this gap significantly. Healthcare mobile apps allow hospital staff & doctors to easily offer remote medical consultation and advice as well as treatment suggestions.

7. Eliminate Medical Bill Burden

Healthcare services being extra costly, makes most people deprived of these services. People can’t afford the rising healthcare costs. A healthcare-integrated mobile app solution is an affordable way to lower this cost contributing to the success of making healthcare services available for all. This can be particularly effective in cases where doctors charge patients on a per-visit basis.

8. Keep Tracking the Medical History

Tracking medical history

Mobile apps can help efficiently manage patient medical history. Cloud-based mobile apps can be particularly helpful in this regard. Cloud apps are easy to manage, fast and secure. Hence, the patient’s medical records can be securely stored and managed. This will help reduce errors in diagnosis and treatment significantly.

9. Create Healthcare Awareness Among the Common Masses

Today people are much more informed and involved in good health practices and benefits. Mobile apps can be the ideal tools to take this awareness to a new level altogether. The popularity of fitness applications (yoga, meditation, etc.), healthcare insurance apps, medical emergency apps, etc. are a good indicator of where the healthcare landscape is heading in the near future.

10. Simplifying the Search for Particular Specialists/Doctors

Searching for a particular specialized doctor for your health concern can be tiresome. Healthcare apps based on GIS solutions can help patients in finding the right doctor nearby them & connect them easily in a few clicks. With these apps, users can search for doctors in their area, read other patient’s reviews, can know about the ratings & fees, and instantly book appointments or consult online.

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From the above points, there is no doubt that Healthcare apps are a complete blessing to the medical industry. Not only doctors and patients, but hospital staff and pharmacists can also reap the benefits of this technology to a great extent. One can avail of benefits like- finding doctors, managing health conditions, and accessing information about drugs and other medical care or treatments.

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