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How to Develop Subway Surfers 2 Game App for the Play Store

    The mobile gaming development industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with thousands of game apps vying for attention on platforms like the Google Play Store. Amid this bustling landscape, one game that has left an indelible mark is Subway Surfers 2 Game App.   

    Developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games, this endless runner game first hit the scene in 2012 and swiftly evolved into a global sensation, captivating the hearts and minds of millions of players worldwide.   

    The game’s unprecedented success has led many game developers and enthusiasts to wonder how to create a game app that can replicate or even surpass this triumph. In this article, we will delve into the journey of developing Subway Surfers 2 and discuss some essential facts and global statistics related to the game. 


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    Subway Surfers: A Global Sensation 

    Subway Surfers is an endless runner game that invites players to embark on a thrilling adventure through a variety of exotic locales across the world. The game puts players in control of a character who dashes along subway tracks, navigating obstacles, collecting coins, and harnessing power-ups to extend their run. The game’s straightforward yet addictive gameplay, coupled with its visually stunning graphics, have been instrumental in its enduring success. 

    Subway Surfer’s cumulative revenue 2018 to 2022 ($mm)  


    Revenue ($mm) 

    2018  100 
    2020  120 
    2022  155 

    Before diving into the development process of Subway Surfers 2, let’s look at some fascinating statistics and facts about the original game:  

    1. Over 2 Billion Downloads

    As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Subway Surfers had been downloaded more than 2 billion times worldwide. It had achieved this remarkable milestone in just under a decade. This number has likely grown since then, underlining its enduring popularity. 

    1. Active Player Base

    Subway Surfers maintained an active player base of millions of users even years after its initial release. The game’s developers, Kiloo and SYBO Games, continuously updated it with fresh content to retain players’ interest. 

    1. Frequent Content Updates

    One of the secrets to Subway Surfers’ success is its regular content updates. The game’s setting changes every few weeks, providing players with new challenges and experiences. These updates keep the game fresh and engaging.  

    1. In-App Purchases

    Like many free-to-play games, Subway Surfers generates revenue through in-app purchases. Players can buy various items, characters, and power-ups using real money. This monetization strategy has proven effective for the developers.  

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    1. Cross-Platform Availability

    Subway Surfers is not limited to Android devices; it is also available on iOS and Windows Phone. This cross-platform approach has helped the game reach a broader audience.  

    1. Collaborations and Special Events

    Subway Surfers frequently collaborates with other popular franchises and hosts special in-game events. For instance, they’ve worked with the animated movie “Zootopia” and offered themed content to celebrate the Olympics.  

    1. Social Integration

    The game encourages social interaction by allowing players to connect with friends and compete for high scores. This feature has undoubtedly contributed to its longevity and popularity. 

    Developing Subway Surfers 2 Game App 

    Develop Subway Surfers 2 Application

    Building a sequel to such a successful game is a significant undertaking. The development of Subway Surfers 2 involves several crucial steps and considerations.

    • Concept and Planning: 

    Market Research: Start by conducting market research to understand current trends in mobile gaming and player preferences. Analyse what made the original Subway Surfers successful and identify areas for improvement. 

    Storyline and Features: Create a compelling storyline and add new features to make the game exciting and fresh. Consider adding new challenges, characters, and power-ups.

    • Game Design: 

    Graphics and Artwork: Invest in high-quality graphics and artwork. Subway Surfers’ colourful and vibrant visuals have been a big part of its appeal. This should continue in the sequel. 

    User Interface (UI): Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Players should easily navigate the menus, select characters, and understand in-game purchases.

    • Development: 

    Choosing the Right Game Engine: Select a game engine that suits your project. Unity and Unreal Engine are popular choices for mobile game development. 

    Programming: Develop the game’s code, including physics, character movement, and game mechanics. Implement in-game ads and in-app purchases. 

    Quality Assurance: Thoroughly test the game for bugs, glitches, and performance issues. Ensure the game runs smoothly on a wide range of devices.

    mobile gaming app

    • Monetization: 

    In-App Purchases: Consider a monetization strategy like the original Subway Surfers. Offer in-app purchases for power-ups, characters, and customization options. 

    Ads: Implement ads strategically to generate revenue. Video ads, rewarded ads, and interstitial ads are common choices.

    • Marketing: 

    Teasers and Trailers: Create teasers and trailers to build anticipation for the game’s release. Share these on social media platforms and YouTube. 

    App Store Optimization (ASO): Optimise the game’s listing on the Google Play Store. Use relevant keywords and eye-catching graphics to attract potential players. 

    Engaging with the Community: Engage with your existing player base and listen to their feedback. Their insights can help shape the game’s development.

    • Testing and Feedback: 

    Beta Testing: Before the official release, conduct beta testing to gather feedback from a select group of players. This can help identify and address any remaining issues. 

    Feedback Iteration: Use feedback from beta testers to make necessary improvements and refinements. Address bugs and optimise gameplay based on player input.

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    • Release and Post-Launch Support: 

    Global Release: Plan a coordinated global release to ensure that players worldwide can access the game simultaneously. 

    Continued Updates: Like the original Subway Surfers, release regular updates to keep players engaged and excited about the game. 

    Player Support: Provide excellent customer support to address player queries and issues promptly. 

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    Challenges in Developing a Sequel of Subway Surfers 2 Game App

    Developing a sequel to a wildly successful game like Subway Surfers comes with its own set of challenges: 

    1. Meeting High Expectations

    Fans of the original game will have high expectations for the sequel. Delivering a product that lives up to or surpasses these expectations can be a daunting task. 

    1. Competition

    The mobile gaming industry is highly competitive. Subway Surfers 2 will have to contend with a multitude of new and existing games vying for players’ attention.  

    1. Maintaining the Game’s Charm

    Subway Surfers’ success is partially attributed to its charming and timeless design. Straying too far from this aesthetic in the sequel could alienate fans. 

    Subway Surfer gaming app

    1. Monetization Balancing Act

    Balancing the need to generate revenue with providing a fair and enjoyable gaming experience is always a challenge. Striking the right balance is crucial for the game’s long-term success. 

    1. Staying Relevant

    Mobile gaming trends and technologies evolve rapidly. Subway Surfers 2 must incorporate fresh features and gameplay mechanics to remain relevant. 


    Subway Surfers is more than just a game, it’s a global phenomenon that has swept the world with over 2 billion downloads. Developing a game to rival the accomplishments of the original is no simple task. Gaming App Developers must meet both the standards Subway Surfers has set while staying up with the competition.   

    In addition, ensuring Subway Surfers 2 has the same timeless charm as its forebear is no mean feat. All these require creativity, a dedication that overcomes all challenges, and a deeper understanding of the success of Subway Surfers that will pave the way for the game on The Google Play Store.  

    When creating Subway Surfers 2 remember to maintain the original essence, while simultaneously introducing an aura of freshness that intrigues new and returning players. Pushing the boundaries of the mobile gaming industry is the mission for Subway Surfers 2 as for the rest of the Subway Surfers franchise. 

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    If you are looking to develop Subway Surfers 2 Game App, then QSS Technosoft Inc is the perfect choice for you.  

    We are a leading software development company and specialise in crafting innovative and engaging mobile games. Our team comprises experienced game developers who have an unwavering passion for making cutting-edge apps.  

    We bring to the years of splendour of experience in game development which has enabled us to release several popular games on various platforms. In addition to this, our understanding of elements essential for making a successful game that captures the interest of users keeps them wanting for more, helps us to make blockbuster games that stick. 

    Our masterpiece doesn’t get levied at mastering the art of game development but extends to development engines like Unity 3D. We have expertise in using Unity 3D, one of the most gateway designed for gaming platforms. With our knowhow in Unity 3D, stunning 3D graphics and physically striking physics primarily shapes our finer elaboration. 

    QSS Technosoft stands apart for its extensive understanding of being cross-platform compatible. Compatibility across various platforms is one of the indispensable tools required for achieving success with any game app and we make sure to stay updated with the recent developments which revolve around this domain. With this extensive experience, we create games that are irresistible to audiences far and wide. 

    About QSS TechnosoftFAQS 

    1. What programming languages are used to develop Subway Surfers 2? 

    Subway Surfers 2 is developed using the Unity game engine and programmed in C#. Other languages like Java, Objective-C, and Swift may also be used for specific features depending on the platform. 

    2. Do I need a team to develop Subway Surfers 2? 

    It is recommended to work with a team of professionals for developing a complex game like Subway Surfers 2. A typical team includes game designers, programmers, artists, and sound engineers. 

    3. Can I use the same assets as the original Subway Surfers game? 

    No, it is important to create original assets for your game to avoid copyright issues. However, you can take inspiration from the original Subway Surfers game and create your own unique assets. 

    4. How do I monetize my Subway Surfers 2 game? 

    There are various ways to monetize a mobile game like Subway Surfers 2, such as in-app purchases, advertisements, and paid versions of the game. It is important to carefully consider your target audience and choose the most appropriate monetization strategy. 

    5. What are some tips for making a successful Subway Surfers 2 game? 

    Some tips for creating a successful game app include having a clear concept, creating engaging gameplay, regularly updating the game with new content, and promoting it through social media and other marketing channels. 

    6. Can I release Subway Surfers 2 on both iOS and Android platforms? 

    Yes, Unity game engine allows for cross-platform development, so you can release your game on both the App Store and Google Play Store. However, keep in mind that each platform has its own guidelines and requirements for app submission. 

    7. Do I need to have experience in game development to create Subway Surfers 2? 

    While prior experience in game development can certainly be helpful, it is not a requirement. With the right tools and resources, anyone can learn how to develop a mobile game like Subway Surfers 2. It just takes dedication, creativity, and a willingness to learn. 

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