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Key Pointers to Simplify the Mobile App Design Process

With the exponential rise in the use of smartphones and mobile apps, businesses are increasingly looking to make use of this growth-oriented platform. With mobile app growing at a faster pace, the demand for mobile app development services has also drastically increased. But not every mobile app is successful in the market.

It requires in-depth research and attractive layout & design to develop a project that becomes a big hit in the market. Be its web development or mobile app development, creating a wireframe is essential and offers a vast advantage making further development process simpler. A Wireframing comprising of features like- the layout of the page, including the content, navigation systems, and interface elements and the overall functionality.  This post enlists the key pointers to simplify the mobile app design process and to make it a big hit in the market. Go through these important points to create a solid wireframe that will help designers simplify their tasks while offering your app a growing popularity.

Making Mobile Design More Productive with These Steps

Getting started on a mobile design project involves a lot of steps from user and task analysis, to essential functionality and identifying desired target devices.  To make your mobile design process more fruitful, follow three simple frameworks- Simplify, Prioritize, and Bulletproof. This framework will help make your mobile app faster and at a higher quality. It helps you avoid putting too much design into in a design. 

Simplify: On the screen, emphasize putting on the things that are in most need by a user to complete a task.

Prioritize: If you do have a web app for the same that is already loaded with a lot of features, prioritize the ones which are most needed in the mobile context. For a good mobile design experience only putting “must have” features will offer users a clear goal of what to look and where to go.

Bulletproof:  There should be a bulletproof plan for the task failure. If anyhow, the plan fails, it should be gracefully recovered.

Tip to Consider Before Designing/Wireframing Your Mobile App 

Developing a complex mobile app needs the mix of right resources. Developing mobile apps for your business can be both complicated & expensive. Below we have mentioned the tips to simplify the process of developing apps for your enterprise.

Understand Your Key Objectives

You just cannot start writing the code to create any mobile app. Designing a vague app without any goal is just wasting both time & efforts. You should put your ideas and concepts on paper and prepare a list of tools, element, content, and other important components for your project. This process is called wireframing. Since the look of the page is different on different devices such as mobile, laptop, desktop, tablets, smart watches & smart TVs etc, so you must determine the types of devices your app will support. Another important thing to consider is use of mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. You should account for the platform to design your app. Making these decisions before the commencement stage is important so to avoid any changes in the later stages.

Bring out & Implement Core Decisions first

Considering important decisions early on can help you remain ahead in the right direction. 

At this phase you can concentrate on making the core decisions like whether you want your app to be native, hybrid or web-based. Developers build the native application from scratch and are more complicated and expensive to create. The advantages of native apps are numerous; they normally perform better than other application types. Web-based applications are relatively easier and cheaper to develop, while hybrid applications are a combination of two. Hybrid apps can make use of open source technologies and can also leverage a device’s native features and functions.

Screen Orientation

The orientation of your screen is also an integral thing to consider. Whether you are looking for a landscape screen or portrait layout, you should decide it prior to wireframing.  A design looks different in landscape and portrait modes. Consider your project’s requirements, perspective of use and decide afterwards.

Deciding the Type of Wireframe

Do you know that an effective wireframe design boost your project development process to a greater extent?

Out of many different types of wireframes, low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes are worth considering. Low-fidelity wireframes are useful in making the communication process easier by presenting content and UI elements without any color or any tags. On the other hand, high-fidelity wireframes are used for preparing documents where detailed information is required. For a quick wireframe design, low fidelity wireframe is useful. 

Create an accurate wireframe- Displaying Content

After deciding the accurate wireframe, it’s time to focus upon the project content and how you will present it on the page. Relevant & well-written content is an essential stage of wireframing and gives excellent design result. Well-arranged content with headings, paragraphs, bullets, tables, etc., should be integral to enhancing the look of the page and provide easy readability for users.

Try tagging each section that you set in your wireframe so to help designers and developers to understand the layout and streamline their work accordingly.

Examine the overall look

At this stage, concentrate on the areas you have designed while wireframing. Check the flow of content from one section to another; ensure if the position of other elements is proper. Offer easy navigation to users to intact their interest. Make sure to place the element and the navigation style at top & end of the page.

Consider Low Cost Development Options

Using a Mobile App Development Platform (MADP) help you minimize your average cost of app development by making the process simpler. With the help of a cross-platform app development tool, you can design, develop, deploy, test and manage a mobile app throughout its lifecycle through a centralized platform. The use of robust platform like Xamarin or PhoneGap by MADPs allows your business to deploy the app across multiple mobile operating systems -iOS, Android & Windows without building separate app versions from scratch.


So, now that you are aware of the must follow considerations to make when designing a mobile app, it’s time to hire an expert mobile app developer who can deliver you the desired result. Designing an effective wireframe is useful to comprehend the project concept. It ensures preparing a foolproof plan that simplifies your project’s design and development process and reduces the likelihood of amendments. Other than this, one should also consider what devices to target, whether device hardware features need to be accessed, and whether the app has to be online in order to function. 

An expert web and mobile app development company comprising of a team of UI/UX designers, graphic artists, and developers can deliver productive services for the development of your innovative web or mobile apps. Get connected to one such company with vast expertise in delivering scalable & eye catch mobile apps!

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