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Top 6 Mobile App Development Frameworks for Developers

Choosing the right development technology is one of the crucial aspects of mobile app development that actually decides the fate of a business. Not only businesses but even app developers got confused in selecting the right framework for mobile app development. 

Among a number of frameworks available in the tech world today, we will introduce you to some trending mobile app development frameworks that have got vast popularity in recent times. Businesses looking for potential growth with their mobile apps should invest in one of 2022’s leading frameworks for mobile app development

Continue reading the article to know about the top 6 development technologies for innovative business mobile apps.

Top 6 Mobile App Development Technology 2022

Here are the top 6 Most Popular Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2022 & beyond. To further know about these technologies- their pros/cons; connect to hire mobile app developers from a prominent software development company with a presence across the USA.

1. Native Development

Native applications are written in languages particular for the platform- either Android or iOS. Where in Android, native applications are developed using Kotlin or Java, iOS apps for Native are being developed using Swift or Objective-C.

Native apps take complete benefits of the platform & offer the best user experience. It can be the best fit if you are concerned about the look and feel of your business app.

Data says that maximum companies invest in native app development to enjoy a plethora of perks provided as compared to Hybrid apps. Have a look at some of the vast benefits, Native apps offer:

  • Great Performance– Native applications are more responsive, quicker, and offer an enhanced user experience. Build for a single platform, they are quick to operate.
  • High Security-Native apps are safeguarded by various layers of an iOS which make them hard to misuse.  Moreover, they don’t rely on any third-party system and utilize just official APIs that examine several security checks.
  • Fewer Bugs– Native app development eliminates your dependency on a cross-platform tool like Cordova or Xamarin and hence there are no to fewer chances of bugs to occur.
  • Scalability– Native apps are highly scalable and can be configured quickly because of its compatibility with a single platform.
  • Offline Capability– Native apps run offline too- one of the biggest advantages, you don’t need the internet to run.

2. Adobe PhoneGap (Apache Cordova)

The PhoneGap framework is another cross-platform framework for mobile app development that ensures high-quality app performance with no limitations. Since it is cross-platform based, you can develop your app in Javascript, HTML5, and CSS and can see the changes instantly. With Adobe PhoneGap, you can develop apps for Android and iOS platforms as well as for Windows, Blackberry, Mac, etc. Here are some of the benefits of PhoneGap development worth considering:

    • Single App for Multiple Platforms- Equipped with Cross-platform capabilities, it saves a lot of time, costs & effort in building different apps for different devices.
    • Each App is like a Native App- With native-like features like enhanced user experience & quick performance, it’s nearly impossible for a user to know if it’s a native app or a cross-platform one.
  • Supports several work plugins- The PhoneGap supports several PhoneGap or Cordova plugins like Social Sharing, GAPlugin, Facebook Connect, etc, aiding in the native functionalities.

3. Ionic Mobile App Development Framework

ionic framework

Ionic is the best framework for mobile app development and is completely free. Being a front-end network, it builds native-like mobile apps with HTML, CSS3, and Javascript. The framework is best suited to develop apps for the latest mobile devices available.

According to AppBrain, “Ionic offers a number of conveniences for mobile application development, covering over 3.2 percent of the whole mobile app market.”

Ionic is equipped with the best web and native app components and since it is based on Angular, you can create even highly complicated apps. Have a look at some of the pros of the Ionic framework:

  • Free and Open Source Framework– Ionic is an open-source framework that facilitates building hybrid apps using HTML5. It is completely free to be used by developers.
  • A single codebase across various platforms– Ionic is built on Angular framework and Apache Cordova and uses HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript as core technologies for app development. The single codebase by Ionic allows development for all of your platforms with reduced cost, effort, and time.
  • Allow integration of tools & Plugins– With Ionic, you can always integrate numerous tools & plugins.

4. Xamarin App Development Framework

xamarin frameworks

Owned by Microsoft, Xamarin is an open-source mobile app development platform that is highly popular in building feature-loaded cross-platform apps.  Supported by the C# programming language, Xamarin allows developers to use the C# codebase to develop apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. These codes can be shared across multiple platforms including Windows and Mac OS.
Xamarin is already hitting the app development grounds and becoming the best mobile app framework for building perfectly incorporated apps for multiple business domains. Some of the pros of Xamarin technology include: 

  • Xamarin builds apps for all platforms 
  • Xamarin allows developers to reutilize the same code thus facilitating swift app development
  • With the Advantage of C#, Xamarin saves a lot of development time
  • Offers great flexibility with Xamarin useful resources like cross-platform libraries, UI controls, and third-party web services enabling close-to-native performance.
  • Allows Rapid prototyping with Xamarin.Forms
  • Xamarin ensures fewer bugs.

5. React Native Technology

react native frameworks

React Native is giving tough competition to Xamarin and Native Script frameworks. Maintained & developed by Facebook, the framework has been used by some of the bigger giants like Airbnb, Instagram, Tesla, Walmart, and other Fortune 500 companies. React Native uses the same UI building blocks that Android and iOS users. 

With JavaScript as the core scripting programming language, React Native has become one of the best choices of app developers and is seen as the future of hybrid app development. 

The development technology helps you develop an app with ease in the minimum time possible. It’s probably the best ever framework if you are searching for cross-platform app development with enhanced performance, reduced cost, and development time.

6. Flutter Development Framework

flutter framework

The newly launched Flutter is one of the best hybrid mobile app development frameworks that allow multiple benefits to app development. It allows ease of testing to developers without restarting the project if any error occurs.

Backed up by Google, Flutter makes use of Dart programming language and lets you build cross-platform apps for iOS and Android that can be run on any device. The platform has its own native UI components and WebView but instead of using them, it uses Skia, a 2D rendering engine to create appealing visuals. 

With Flutter, the development is easy, swift, and extremely optimized. Its Hot Reload functionality further helps developers test the project even without putting the repetitive restart efforts. 


I hope that the above-mentioned app development frameworks must have cleared your confusion about selecting the right development technology for your dream business app. These top-picked development frameworks will make your high-end app development easier and more efficient. If you are a developer, you can choose the best one for your mobile app development as per your needs and requirements in terms of plugins needed, platform, features needed, etc. 

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