AngularJS vs ReactJS

AngularJs Vs. ReactJs App Development: Which Is The Best Choice?

Choosing the right framework for your web development is essential when you look for a scalable digital solution for your business that can attain your desired business outcomes with maximum profitability. Among so many web development frameworks, choosing the best as per your business requirement is a daunting task.  From the performance, and features, to platform compatibility and ease of use, there are various parameters that you need to compare before making a valuable decision. Each framework comes with its own pros and cons. After thorough research, we have concluded the two most popular and chosen JavaScript frameworks- Reactjs and AngularJS. Wondering which one to choose for your business? Continue reading a thorough comparison of these two top JavaScript frameworks and get started with the next web app development project with the best one.

Why Businesses Should Invest In Web App Development?

According to a survey-

A mobile app user spends nearly 201.8 minutes per month on shopping apps, whereas a website user generally spends 10.9 minutes/per month. Users view 4.2x more products in a mobile app than on the website. Thus, 3x higher conversion rates are expected from the mobile apps and 1.5x via desktop. Further, predictions are that mobile apps are expected to make $700 billion in annual sales in 2021.

From the above facts and stats, there is no doubt that more and more businesses, especially eCommerce, would be moving to web apps to reach out to a wider market size. Again, for the best web app development, businesses must ensure choosing the best technologies and frameworks. 

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Why Consider JavaScript Frameworks for Web App Development?

 JavaScript’s frameworks have improved the performance and lifted the demand for web apps in the market. According to Statista, JavaScript still holds the top position as a programming language and is a choice of 67% of developers.

67% of developers, instead of choosing a new language, prefer to go for old yet reliable JavaScript for their web app development solutions. If you are still wondering about choosing JavaScript for your next web app, here are some reasons worth considering:

  • JavaScript is relatively simple to learn and implement.
  • JavaScript is the most lightweight scripting language, primarily used to create dynamic web content. 
  • This language can be used in a huge variety of applications.
  • Since JavaScript’s frameworks are written in JavaScript, developers can manipulate the functions and use them for their convenience.
  • JavaScript frameworks can be used for both frontend and backend development as well as for testing and web applications.

Choosing the Best Between Angular.JS Vs React.js

Choosing the Best Between AngularJS Vs React.js

AngularJS and Reactjs are the most competitive JS frameworks and choosing between these two frameworks is quite tough. Continue reading to know the best between the two.

Below is a detailed comparison of Angular.js vs React.js-

1. Angular.JS Vs React.JS: Basics

Angular.js is an MVC framework with a complete feature set that has been preferred by 21.9% of users. The framework was launched by Google in 2009.

Angular.Js being an open-source framework allows developers to craft unique solutions, especially with the development of single-page applications. The framework is best used for features like routing, data binding, dependency injection, directives, deep linking, and more and ensures the finest app security. A total of 6500+ companies including Google, Amazon, Snapchat, Hennge, Udemy, Lyft, and more are using Angular.Js for their app development. 

On the other hand, React.js is an open-source JavaScript library launched by Facebook in 2013. Approx 71.7% of users prefer using it again. 

This simple framework resolves issues in rendering the large datasets thereby ensuring excellent app performance. React.js is more dependent on “View” in the MVC architecture and is majorly used to operate dynamic User Interfaces of the web pages with high incoming traffic. The framework is largely used by many big companies including Netflix, Instagram, Discovery, etc.

2. React.js Vs AngularJS: Popularity


 According to the NPM reports, React.js has hit 10,245,189 weekly downloads. Whereas Angular.js has surpassed 638,437 weekly downloads.

Ratings on GitHub:

Despite being young, React.js has achieved 163K stars and 32.7k Fork on Github and clearly surpasses Angular.js as it revolves around 59.5k Stars and 1.578K Contributors.

Future Predictions:

In the very short span of time Reactjs has outshined the most demanding Js frameworks and is expected to dominate in the future. 

On the other hand, Angular.js provides great libraries along with robust template-building solutions that expedite the development process. 

3. AngularJS Vs React.JS: Learning Curve

React.Js is used to simplify the complex app development process and offer a wide choice of libraries so developers don’t need to spend tons of hours on re-learning the programming language. React just requires constant learning due to frequent updates.

In contrast, Angular.js is a complex framework that may offer you multiple options to solve a single problem. Therefore the learning curve of Angular.js is much steeper than React.js.

4. React.js Vs AngularJS: App Size and Performance

The best Js framework needs consideration of the three metrics- performance, size, and less coding. 

React.js is preferred for lightweight applications with sizes varying under 100KB. The availability of the Virtual DOM makes ReactJs apps perform faster than Angular.js. This feature will handle the frequent UI updates of the app and ensures fast processing of the app. 

On the other hand, Angular.js is the best choice of framework for heavy enterprise applications. The framework is considered a low performer when dealing with complex and dynamic applications. The size of the Angular.JS built app is up to 500KB.

5. React.js Vs AngularJS: Community Support

Any framework that has vast community support gets you the best from it. As Angular.js & React.js is developed and maintained by Google & Facebook respectively, both receive great support from the community. 

Angular.JS Vs ReactJS: Which is the Best? | Conclusion

While comparing the features and functionalities of these two frameworks, there is no doubt about both being champions in the field of web app development. While Angular.js is an MVC framework with rich features, React.js is a complete open-source JavaScript library. Every business has its own development needs, so they may choose between the two by looking at the comparison made above.

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