Android 11 Released Features

Developer Preview for Android 11 Released- Insights Here

On April 23, Android released the Developer Preview 3 for Android 11- the latest version of Android! This all-new version is particularly focusing on previous bug fixes with the addition of some really overwhelming features in terms of privacy & overall performance. This article is a sneak-peak into this recent developer preview of Android 11.  The developer preview of Android 11 reveals some biggest features, that includes the introduction of 5G connections, support for more display types, and powerful permission controls.

Let us look deeper into the new android features introduced with the Android 11 highlights and start planning our next Android app development keeping in view these updated features of Android.

Android 11 Features- Insights

1. All New Messaging- Updated

Android’s latest version improves the users’ messaging experience by introducing upgrades like Chat bubbles!  Chat Bubbles is the same as Facebook’s Messenger app and will hide your ongoing conversations in little bubbles on the side of your screen. You can move the bubbles around, and tapping on them will reveal that specific conversation. Android 11 also introduces a dedicated conversation section in your notification shade that’ll offer instant access to any ongoing conversations you have. 

With Android 11, sending images when replying to a message via notification is now possible.

2. One-Time Permission

The handling of app permissions is much improved in this version of Android.  Now, when an app asks for permission to use sensitive features like your location, microphone, or camera, you can choose to only grant it access on a one-time basis. The app will be able to use that permission during that instance of you using the app, but as soon as you leave it, the permission is revoked. The next time you use the app and it wants to use that permission, it needs to be granted access again.

3. A built-in screen recorder 

This is the much talked about the feature by Android 11- adding a built-in screen recorder. Android 11 Developer Preview 2 added a screen recorder, accompanied with a polished UI and toggles for recording audio and showing touches with your recording. Isn’t it exciting?

4. Adaptation on Different Screen Types 

2020 is going to witness a lot of new additions in the foldable smartphone market through Android 11 version that all adaptations at different screen sizes and resolutions. 

The Android 11 has been developed to run on the foldable devices effortlessly. The time to start working on foldable smartphone app development is here! 

5. New Android Version is 5G Ready

The introduction of 5G in Android 11 is going to connect you to the next generation of wireless data. Android 11 adds “Dynamic Meterdness API” that ensures you take full advantage of the speeds available to you. This API detects that you’re connected to an unlimited 5G signal. Accessing the highest possible quality for videos and graphics is now possible through Android 11.


Well, this was a sneak peek into the overwhelming features of Android 11.  Don’t get left behind and survive the cut-throat competition in the mobile app industry by preparing for your next mobile app equipped with advanced version features. 

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We highly recommend you take the benefits of Android 11 prior to its launch. Get in touch with us if you are seeking your app migration on Android 11.

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