Why your Hospital Needs A Mobile App

Why Does Need of Mobile Apps for Hospitality Industry in 2023

With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphone devices, mobile apps for the hospitality industry and the health industries are finding ways to penetrate the market with all new approaches.

As per the industry experts, By 2022, over 97% of healthcare practitioners will be using mobile apps, as a prime tool to deliver their services.”

Another survey is carried out by the IMS Institute of Healthcare, according to which- “today there are more than 165,000 mobile healthcare applications in Android and iOS stores, and what’s more interesting is that physicians are highly prescribing these apps to their patients.”

In the technology-led world today, a great functional app can enhance your hospital brand and give you a tremendous advantage over your competitors. A mobile app for hospitals has transformed the scenario of accessing healthcare services to a greater extent. It is interesting to watch how mobile app technology has revolutionized the way we access different healthcare services through our small devices.

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Below, we have discussed the top reasons why need for mobile apps for hospitality Industry in 2023.

Top 6 Reasons Your Hospital Needs A Mobile App

1. Easy Healthcare Services Access for Patients

Healthcare Services Access for Patients

Forget about your patients standing in long queues waiting for their turn to access medical services! 

Mobile apps are now offering a new way for your patients to access healthcare services at their ease and comfort. A mobile app can further include a digital directory service that can help patients locate any doctor, department, and staff within your hospital with much ease & convenience. 

2. Scheduling Appointments

Scheduling Appointments for doctors

Scheduling an appointment with doctors and other healthcare staff is a tedious task as patients have to stand in long hospital queues. Not only for patients, but it is also a time-consuming process for hospital staff too to check the available appointment slot, book the schedule, or cancel if any. Hence, to skip this long tiring process of scheduling an appointment with doctors, a mobile app can act as a boon. 

Your hospital mobile app can allow patients to schedule/reschedule or cancel an appointment with the doctor in case of his/her unavailability.

3. Managing Overall Hospital Billing System

Managing Overall Hospital Billing System

When it comes to hospital billings for patients, infrastructure, medical equipment, etc, it is nearly impossible to keep track and even hectic for hospitals to ensure every bill is paid on time. 

Providing patients an option to pay the bills directly through the app would skip them from standing in the long queues. This not only saves patients time but also streamlines the billing system for your hospital front-desk staff as well.

Your hospital mobile app can alert you on time regarding upcoming medical equipment payments, medicines, and regular payment of miscellaneous bills along with infrastructure.

4. Electronic Health Record & Document Management

Electronic Health Record

Whether you have a large, mid, or small size hospital, keeping your patient’s all medical data and history documents securely is a priority. 

A robust EHR system is thus required that would keep patients’ diagnosis history as well as hospital staff document history intact and secure. A scalable mobile application has the capability to take care of this document management. It would further allow patients’ to track their medical history with just a click. 

5. Offering Remote Healthcare Facilities to Patients in Need

Offering Remote Healthcare Facilities to Patients in Need

The sudden medical emergencies of a patient require the immediate presence of a doctor. This can be taken care of through a hospital mobile app. A patient can connect to a doctor over video call or voice call via the app and can alert the medication personnel on time so that a quick remedy can be given on time.

6. A Proper Feedback System to Improve Further

A Proper Feedback System to Improve Further

This covers both the sides- the hospital side and the patient’s side. Through a mobile app, a patient can provide feedback and share his/her thoughts regarding the medical facilities and rendered service. On the other hand, staff can also provide their feedback to the higher authority directly digitally- something which is a little difficult in reality. 

This way, you can eliminate the need for a paper-filled feedback form.

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The feedback received would help you improve your services further taking into consideration the loopholes in the system. This not only guarantees a positive brand image for your hospital facility but also gets you the most satisfying and loyal patients in the future.


The mobile apps have surely streamlined patient-doctor communication, improved healthcare records, enhanced healthcare services, and so on. Building a feature-rich hospital mobile app would ensure the overall growth of your healthcare facility. 

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