Salesforce helps in Developing Custom Email Services

Building Custom Email Solutions for Your Business Using Salesforce

Salesforce is a powerful platform known for its impressive customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. It offers many out-of-the-box features to help you manage customer interactions – however, organisations may require additional or specialised functions that existing features fail to provide. This is where custom email services prove beneficial. 

For those who find themselves in need of extras, custom email services within Salesforce offer the versatility to integrate with external systems, leading to loads of automation in the  CRM sphere. By tapping into Salesforce’s custom email services, businesses can easily enhance effectiveness and bolster efficiency. Taking advantage of this nifty feature helps enhance the CRM experience. 

This article focuses on the concept of custom email services in Salesforce, discussing why they are essential and what methods can be employed when developing them. From optimising processes to heightening productivity, these services bring an added level of ability when controlling customer relationships. 

What Are Custom Email Services? 

Custom email services in Salesforce are essentially a way to receive and process emails within your Salesforce environment. They allow you to define a custom email address within Salesforce, to which external systems or users can send emails. Salesforce then automatically processes these emails based on predefined rules and actions, allowing you to automate various tasks and workflows. 


The primary use cases for custom email services include: 

  • Data Integration:  

Custom email services enable you to integrate Salesforce development with external systems, databases, or other platforms by processing incoming emails and triggering actions based on the email content.

  • Workflow Automation:  

You can automate various business processes by setting up rules that determine how emails are handled. For example, you can automatically create records, update fields, or trigger specific actions based on the content of incoming emails.

  • Case Creation:  

Custom email services can be used to create support cases automatically when customers send emails to a designated support email address.

  • Lead and Contact Creation:  

You can use custom email services to create new leads or contacts in Salesforce when prospects or customers contact your organisation via email.

  • Event Registration:  

If you host events or webinars, custom email services can be used to process registration requests sent via email and update Salesforce records accordingly. 

Now that we understand the importance of custom email services, let’s dive into the steps to develop them in Salesforce. 

Developing Custom Email Services in Salesforce 

Developing custom email services in Salesforce involves several key steps:  

  1. Define Your Requirements

Before you begin, it’s crucial to clearly define your requirements. What specific tasks or processes do you want to automate using custom email services? Identifying your objectives will help you design the service effectively.  

  1. Create an Email Service

In Salesforce, you create custom email services through the Email Services feature. To set up an email service, follow these steps: 

  • Log in to your Salesforce org. 
  • Go to Setup. 
  • In the Quick Find box, type “Email Services” and select it. 
  • Click on “New Email Service.” 
  • Define the name and developer name for your service. 
  • Specify the context user, which determines the user under whose credentials the email service will run. 
  • Choose an email address for your service. This is the address to which external systems will send emails. 
  • Define the Apex class that will process the incoming emails. You’ll need to write Apex code to handle the email processing logic. 
  1. Write Apex Code

The Apex code you write will define how Salesforce processes incoming emails. You can access the email content, perform data manipulation, and trigger various action within Salesforce.   

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  1. Test Your Email Service

Before deploying your custom email service to production, it’s crucial to thoroughly test it. Salesforce Technology provides tools for testing email services, allowing you to simulate the email processing flow and ensure that your code functions as expected.  

  1. Deploy Your Email Service

It’s time to deploy your custom email service to your Salesforce production environment! Before you do, make sure you’ve tested and validated the service for optimal performance – only then can you ensure you’ve set up the necessary email routing rules and permissions. That way, you’ll guarantee that external systems are able to securely and smoothly send emails to your service’s explicit email address. 

  1. Monitor and Maintain

After deployment, regularly monitor your custom email service for any issues or errors. Salesforce provides logging and monitoring capabilities to help you track the processing of incoming emails. Additionally, as your organisation’s needs evolve, you may need to make updates or enhancements to your email service. 


Custom email services in Salesforce enable organisations to boost their CRM metrics, integrate systems, and automate processes to increase operational effectiveness. By setting up custom email addresses and utilising Apex code, you can tailor email services to suit exclusive business needs. However, taking a carefully planned and detailed approach during the development process, along with regular testing and analytics review, is essential for reaping the maximum benefits from custom email services.  

These powerful tools can reduce manual chores and deliver a streamlined, user-friendly experience to both your team members and customers alike. So, make sure to use Salesforce’s unrivalled power for developing a custom email service – help achieve rapid ROI while streamlining operations and leveraging the full potential of your CRM. 

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