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Top 10 Reasons To Develop On Demand App For Your Business

What are On Demand Apps?

On Demand Apps are a digital platform that provides services to customers On Demand. The era of technology has ushered in a practice of instant gratification of demands, and therefore, waiting for a service/ good has become a story of the past. On Demand Services seek to bridge this gap by the instantaneous provision of services. Smartphones act as the means through which these apps operate, providing virtually every service found in the conventional marketplace. On Demand Apps are increasingly disrupting the traditional business models, replacing them with a platform to connect the major stakeholders of a service exchange (Service provider and customer). The use of On Demand Apps is not restricted to a particular age group or demographic. They are being increasingly used by the millennials and old alike.

Gradually, On Demand Apps are encompassing every industry with a transaction of over $57 Billion in the US Market. Online marketplaces (eBay), transportation and food delivery are 3 major sectors in which the highest investment has taken place for On Demand Apps. Nevertheless, other sectors too are catching up. 280 companies are now offering some on demand service globally, spanning over 16 major industries.


Benefits of using On Demand Apps for Businesses:

Real-Time Tracking-
On Demand Apps offer their customers with the unique benefit of tracking the service in real time to track status progress. Extremely beneficial for the logistics and transportation industry, on demand apps allows the service providers and customers to monitor the location of the vehicle and estimate the time of arrival. The real time tracking is also beneficial for on demand delivery and marketplace services that can offer their customers with live shipment tracking. Real time tracking, therefore, arms all the stakeholders in a transaction with the tool to trace the real time location of the on demand service. Vehicle tracking apps, along with transport and logistics apps have thus become the most sought-after On Demand Apps.

Data Management and Storage-
On Demand Apps are always equipped with a cloud storage space. This storage is extremely useful to save and manage all the necessary service data along with user and service provider data. The information is accessible at any time. Streamlined storage of data at a single cloud location can easily be analyzed by data analysts to identify trends of usage of the On Demand App and generate better strategies to best suit the pattern of use of all stakeholders. Therefore, the ability to store and access large amounts of data becomes a boon in the long course of business development.

Ease of Doing Business-
On Demand Apps act as a bridge between the service providers and the consumers. By integrating the 2 major stakeholders of the service exchange under a single digital platform, on demand apps make delivery of services very convenient. This ease of services exchange facilitates greater demand from the consumer, increasing revenue and work opportunities for the service provider. Additionally, consumers feel that accessing services through one tap is a benefit to the community at large.

Increase in Time Efficiency-
By directly connecting the consumers with the service providers, on demand apps reduce the time of service exchange. This results in a decrease in the turnaround time as physical interactions are less and therefore, service is prompt. As consumers get faster access to the services, their level of satisfaction increases, generating greater loyalty towards the service provider. Additionally, the on demand app used for service exchange gains the trust of both the stakeholders, leading to an exponential increase in app usage.

Digitization of all Interaction-
As stated above, on demand apps have great scope for cloud storage. This cloud storage eliminates the need to preserve physical proof of interactions in the form of receipts and labels. This digitization relieves the stakeholders from the unnecessary burden of preserving physical copies. Additionally, it is also a sustainable alternative. Digital receipts reduce the amount of paper and resources used. Therefore, all storage of information in the app is environment-friendly.

Data Security-
Data storage in a cloud facility is supported by a strong encryption system. Contrary to the traditional business models which are prone to consumer data leaks, on demand apps facilitate data security. Encrypted security of on demand apps protects consumer privacy as well as shipment confidentiality of shipment/ service.

Low Initial Investment-
On Demand Apps just require an idea and a team of app developers to begin with. There is no need to purchase hardware or rent an operating space. The cost of operations is also minimal as only a small team is enough for managing operations. Therefore, staffing and operating costs are significantly lower than more traditional business models. Additionally, there is no cost of maintaining infrastructure. Therefore, On Demand Apps have become a cost-effective business model to address a number of stakeholders. For instance, Airbnb is one of the biggest on demand hospitality service and it does not own a single hotel.

Ease of Scalability-
As consumer needs change, so do their demands. On Demand Apps are easily scalable to better suit new consumer demands. Contrary to traditional business models that include a complex web of hardware and software inputs, On Demand Apps can adapt themselves to the changing market conditions and the entry of new products and services, gaining a competitive edge.

Customizable Solutions-
On Demand Apps are easy to customize for each company in question. A number of companies in the same industry can provide on demand apps. But it is the ability to customize each app, that every company is able to mark its uniqueness. Additionally, whereas traditional business models follow a ‘One size fits all’ approach, on demand apps react to consumer trends and act accordingly.

Consumer Satisfaction-
Finally, On demand apps are the shortest route to ensure a happy consumer base. By providing services on demand in a short period of time, on demand apps facilitate consumer satisfaction. Additionally, On demand services available on the web are being increasingly surpassed by On demand apps. This is because of their ease of use and comfort. Consumers almost always have access to their smartphones and accessing services on demand through them have become a blessing in disguise. Therefore, more consumers are using the On Demand Apps with a parallel growth in the On Demand Economy.

In a nutshell, On Demand Apps have become the new in thing engulfing all the sectors of the economy. Its benefits are unparalleled to any digital solutions offered so far. Digitally connecting seekers and providers together, On Demand Apps are likely to see exponential growth in the coming years.

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