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Top 6 Node.JS Frameworks to Consider for Your Next Business App in 2023

Node.js has topped the list being the top choice for web app developers and business owners looking for a growth-oriented & scalable web app for their business based across wider domains. Most businesses today go for Node.JS app development. The framework is supported by Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for straightforward and quick building applications. 

Node.js is a multi-platform, open-source server-side framework that has been used to build networking applications for businesses. Because of its Asynchronous Event-Driven nature and lightweight, fast runtime, Node.js is especially suited for I/O heavy applications like Web, IoT, Serverless and real-time communication apps. In this article, we have thrown light on the massive popularity of Node.js framework and compiled top 6 Node.js frameworks worth considering in 2022.

Popularity of Node.js

Node.js has been placed at the top position by StackOverflow Developer Survey 2019. Big companies like IBM, Microsoft, Netflix and Walmart rely on Node.js. Some pros of using Node.js are:

  • Node.js is an open-source cross-platform that is known for “write once, run everywhere”. 
  • Runs smoothly on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and many other platforms.
  • Relatively smaller in size with blazing fast performance- heavily used in Serverless computing.
  • Node.js supports JavaScript natively and all other “Compile to JS” languages like TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Dart. It also supports WebAssembly.
  • Node.js has the highest number of contributors on GitHub.

Top NODE.JS Frameworks Worth Considering in 2023

Every business looks for a scalable web app to ensure maximum profitability. Out of so many web app development frameworks, Node.JS has become one of the popular and high-in-demand web application Development frameworks of the era.

From among multiple frameworks under Node.js, below we are discussing the top six Node.JS Frameworks for Web Apps in 2023.

#1 Express.JS

Express.JS has been placed at 1st place in the list of best Backend Node.js framework of 2020. Being used by 73 percent of developers, the framework is the first choice of developers when it comes to addressing the most common Node.JS frameworks.

It is one of the Node.JS Dynamic Platforms that allows developers full simplicity and freedom to modify the application’s look and feel. Express is lightweight, simple and can be a perfect choice for single-page web apps, blogs, or public HTTP APIs. Web apps like Twitter, Stack, Bepro Company, Stack, Client Platform, Accenture, BlaBlaCar, Bagelcode etc. have been made using this framework.

Pros of Using Express

  • Mature 10 year old framework & has a massive community backing 1.6k contributors on Github.
  • Provide support for multiple extensions and plugins to increase its capabilities.
  • A clear learning curve for developers who are already familiar with Node.JS
  • Express offers seamless connectivity with all major popular databases like MongoDB, MySQL and Redis.
  • Express.js offers a powerful routing mechanism to define routes based on URLs and HTTP methods.
  • Robust, completely adjustable, and modular framework.
  • Comes with MVC, which allows growing centric applications.
  • Supports 14+ template engines like Pug, HAML, EJS. 

#2 Koa.JS

Koa is another Node.JS server-side platform that helps styling and building server-side applications with the greatest performance. Koa is used to handle various types of content with the same URL, such as translating a page, customizing content on an eCommerce website, handling image formats, and much more. 

Pros of Using Koa

  • Koa is a lightweight framework that gradually improves the efficiency of the software.
  • Koa.JS offers a high degree of software customization.
  • ES6 Generator availability helps developers to prevent callback calls.
  • It ensures a modular approach to the simple creation of dynamic web applications.

#3 is a full-stack platform that provides a simple and clear API and can easily interact virtually with any service. This architecture offers excellent speed and durability during the web development, making it the top choice of developers.

Pros of Using

  • Real-time analytics offering.
  • Binary Streaming and fast handling of sockets.
  • Capacity to customize web socket URL routing.
  • Auto identification of and correction of errors.

#4 Hapi

Hapi is a freely accessible web applications platform and open-source platform known for creating proxy servers, REST APIs, and other desktop applications. The framework is known for its collection of in-built plugins & extensions that eliminates the use of unauthorized middleware. 

Pros of Using Hapi

  • Provide recycled modules with extensive assistance.
  • Offers support for impressive plug-ins.
  • Excellent arrangement for large-sized and dispersed teams.


When it comes to building an enterprise-grade framework, most developers prefer Nest. The reason being it offers a full development kit that supports a large variety of libraries and uses modern JavaScript for development. The modular architecture of NEST allows you real freedom by enabling the use of some other library. 

Pros of Using Nest

  • It ensure CLI for a flexible system. 
  • Curve flat learning.
  • FRP to automate dynamic (e.g. gaming, robotics) graphical user interfaces.
  • High compatibility on the frontend for Angular Modular architecture for absolute versatility of production.
  • Supply dedicated configuration for all forms of device review.

#6 Meteor

Meteor is a Node.JS full-stack platform that creates real-time web and mobile apps with flawless performance using a single API for both front-end and back-end development. Node’s Meteor offers a heavy-duty web application creation process.

Pros of Using Meteor

  • Meteor is known for Less Web and mobile device coding criteria.
  • It offers the same code of support for multiple platforms that considerably reduce the efforts of developers.
  • The framework easily combines with Angular, React, Vue, and more with other programming languages.
  • Meteor’s lightweight architecture gives ultimate app results.


In a nutshell, it can be said that Node.js will continue to dominate the web app development industry powering the development of all sorts of real time web applications. But choosing the best Node.js framework for your unique requirement is by no means an easy task. Every framework is packed with its own unique features, so it’s really important to consult your project requirement from an expert Node.js development company who can guide you well in selecting the best for your dream project.

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