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Top 7 mobile app development trends

Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends 2018

The evolution of mobile apps is incredible in past five years. From buying products to ording food, mobile application being integral part of our life nowadays. The demand for development getting increase every year and world upgrading to new and latest trends. Now most of the business realized that developing mobile app is no longer optional and its necessity like website.

The top app development trends that will mark its way in 2018 are as follows:

1. Development of Cloud Based Applications

With an increased use of internet over the year, the whole smartphone industry has come a long way. More and more apps are designed that allows cloud interaction paving the way for minimal requirement of internal memory.

All the data is now stored on cloud which renders the user free from any storage issues. There is high demand for cloud based mobile applications which can easily fetch the data from the cloud at any point of time

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google made its intentions clear with the launch of a mobile-first index, and they did not stop there. Google joined hands with Twitter to create Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a toned down version of HTML geared towards enhancing the speed of mobile pages. Since its launch, it has created a splash in the mobile app development industry as most mobile app developers and web developers are jumping on the wave. Thanks to faster load times, lower bounce rates, and a fluid user experience, 2018 is setting a new precedent. Google has already integrated this burgeoning technology with its mobile search.

3. Machine Learning To Become An Integral Part Of Mobile Apps
2018 will see a lot of revolution around the concept of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machine learning will enable apps to recognize complex patterns and draw useful insights by analyzing huge data. It will bring a revolutionary change in the medical domain, not only be aiding in timely diagnosis but also be devising proper treatment plan. It will send drug information, drug usage alert, etc. Predictive apps will play a major role in the upcoming year.

4. Internet of Things and Apps
Internet of Things is one of the most trending topics these days. It is also helping a lot in all sort of businesses across various domains. It will make a lot of difference in the retail business and also influence other sectors, like automotive, healthcare, education, etc. IoT will definitely make a massive impact in the world of app development this coming year. It will lead to revolutionary changes in the business domain and in the day to day lifestyle of people as well.

5. Augmented Reality To Take A Leap
AR has been quite sensational this year and will persist to be in 2018. The app world will witness a lot of AR projects that will stretch beyond games and fun. AR helps in adding digital over virtual information to give a more realistic and unambiguous outlook. AR intertwined apps will gradually seep into retail, life science, manufacturing, and many other domains.

6. Demand for Wearable Devices
Thanks to Apple, the affordability constraint is out of the equation. App developers, starting in 2018, will be looking to develop apps for wearable devices, mostly watches. Currently, the likes of Zomato and Uber have invested in wearable app development, but like most, they only have scratched the mere surface.

7. Android Instant Apps
There has always been a growing demand for security. As days are passing by, smartphones are handling confidential and sophisticated data progressively, only seeking tighter security. By 2018, we will definitely witness a lot of apps in the app store with built-in security features.

8. Improved Security and Blockchain In 2018

Android instant application is a important mobile app trends look for in 2018. The idea of instant mobile app services is to operate all application without install in the mobile.

Moreover Android instant service is like website pages, which can be easily accessible. Some of the key benefits of using android instant apps are:

• Easily open app with a click without any installation
• Run android app seamlessly just like loading web pages
• Can manage to store mobile memory storage
• Compactable with all version of android

2018 will be the year of innovation and implementation of latest trends. It will be the year of rapid growth for businesses, organizations, developers, manufacturers and billions of dollmobile apps. On an ending note, it is mandatory to tell you that these are a few top-notch expected trends to hit the market next year. So gear up to be at the top of your game.

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