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Senior Housing Software Solutions

Connecting communities through excellent Senior Living Software healthcare facility for better care & to keep everything aligned.

senior housing software development

QSS Technosoft offers a one-stop solution for all in one Senior Housing Software that connects patients inside your healthcare facility from bedside to billing. Our efficiently developed senior housing software solutions can help you streamline care, reduce costs and improve lives of residents.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) and healthcare technology solution is greatly helping senior care industry. Our specially developed senior & assisted living mobile-friendly healthcare software solutions improves quality of care among the senior community & helps them connect while saving your time and money.


An Interoperable platform for Reduced Efforts & Costs

Senior Housing Software Solutions is an interoperable management tool that helps healthcare providers in data analysis and operational flexibility while streamlining everything from care to reduced costs across the business.

Senior Housing technology is specifically designed to deliver true interoperability across the healthcare spectrum. It supports Health Information Exchange (HIE) designed exclusively for senior housing communities and further helps in streamlining communication and care delivery across all facets of your operation. The software helps in:

  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Care and supervision
  • Storing and distributing medications for self-administration

Why your Healthcare Facility Require Assisted Living Facility Software?

Senior Housing or Assisted Living Facility management software is an electronic system that allows you to coordinate the processes connected with the residents’ well-being and improve the facility’s operations aligning all processes from documentation to administration.

An Assisted Living Facility Software is required for these 3 reasons:

Senior Housing software helps you with all documentation related work from logging details of events, activities to managing incidents. This in turn increases the productivity of your facility letting you lay focus on managing core functions like communicating and taking care of your residents.
Eliminate Manual Accounting & Invoicing
By integrating the software with an accounting system, it helps in complete automation of billing processes & allows you to speed up the invoice generation to obtain quicker revenue.
Manage Resident’s Relationships
This special software helps managing the resident’s relationships. This increases the staff efficiency which in its turn positively influences the level of services for the residents.

Senior Housing Software Solutions Offered by QSS

Here are the great benefits of using Senior Home software:

Centralized, Systematized & Secure Storage of Data
Our Senior Housing Software solutions will keep your all data at one place reducing your dependency on paperwork. Required documents can be searched quickly for viewing, editing, and printing. It also eliminates the risk of data loss and duplication.
Daycare Plan Integration for Better resident’s Care
The system integrates daycare plans for each resident like sending reminders and alerts, tracks and monitors staff activities, assign tasks, exchange messages etc.
business centric solution
Integrating a single system for multiple facilities
Whether your organization operates as a single facility or as multiple facility units on different locations, our solutions offer a common database of residents, staff, and finances synched in one place which is only accessible by authorized personnel.
remote access
Developing a Remote access Plan that has all Info
Remote access allows caregivers to quickly check the information about their residents from any device even when they are away from the facility.
control panel
Easy control over the residents’ state
With this function, an authorized employee can keep track on residents’ health state, incidents, and activities. Resident’s family can also be allowed to view and monitor their loved ones with easy monitoring & control senior housing system.
Alerting Modules for System Inspections
The long-term care facilities follow government inspections to check if all state and federal standards are met. The system can help you prepare by reminding the facility administrators and personnel of scheduled inspections. The system can also schedule “mock inspections” (preparation for the real inspection), and trainings.