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Hurree- Market Segmentation App
Hurree- Market Segmentation App
Hurree- Market Segmentation App

Hurree- Market Segmentation App

It is a market segmentation platform that separates all the user data into specific groups for precise targeting. This segmentation is carried out on the basis of set guidelines.

The platform also allows us to tailor marketing campaigns and appeal to these different target segments.

  • Country United States of America
  • Service CRM
  • Industry Multiple
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Process Followed

The team of skilled professionals at QSS scrutinized the application in and out and formed a logical and sound strategy to be followed throughout during the process of application development. From identification of a problem to noticing challenges and figuring out the solutions, the proposed action was the collation of the five-step eloquent process.

  • Hurree- Market Segmentation AppPROBLEM IDENTIFICATION
  • Hurree- Market Segmentation AppFEASIBILITY STUDY
  • Hurree- Market Segmentation AppSOLUTION IMPLEMENTATION
  • Hurree- Market Segmentation AppCHALLENGES
  • Hurree- Market Segmentation AppFINAL OUTCOME
Hurree- Market Segmentation App

Problem Identification

In a world where the marketing industry is growing at a speedy pace, it becomes important to carry out a strategy that enriches the market segmentation in the long run. This tactic helps in understanding the needs of the target audience and allows embracing specific marketing plans. In order to help the organization to target customers with a more focused approach, we worked towards creating the first-rate market segmentation app.

  • Segment customer data based on rules
  • Real-time data blending
  • Integrate two-way segmentation
  • Allow sending campaigns across multiple platforms
Hurree- Market Segmentation App

Feasibility Study

We, at QSS, aimed at building a robust application that collects user data and unifies it at one platform and later segmenting them based on audience practices. With the help of this platform, companies can witness the growth in audience engagement which further helps them to drive campaigns across different marketing tools.

  • Allow behaviour based segmentation among the audience
  • Create campaigns across different channels
  • Helps in evaluating insights across the platform
  • Increase audience engagement
  • Develop effective and successful marketing programs


User research

When it comes to developing an application for a separate group of people, it becomes important to understand the perspective and vision of those who you are going to target. Keeping this in mind, we carried out user research and helped ourselves in gaining users' viewpoints for a market segmentation app.

Product discovery workshop

During the development of an app, detailed research is one of the things that help in the success of the project. The product discovery workshop here is a great inventiveness that helps from the planning phase of creating a digital product to incorporate a competent solution. We at QSS conducted this workshop to understand the client's objective, inherent guidelines, competition, and market opportunities.

In the course of the session, the client discussed some user personas and core elements of the project which could be implemented in the application. We also talked about how we can understand our customers better and provide them with a more personalized experience in order to reap the maximum benefit of the market segmentation platform. The overall session very much helped us gain an insight into the client's prospect and prepared us to function accordingly.

Competitor Analysis

While developing the solution, keeping a close eye on your competitors who are in the same business as yours is a must. Consequently, we carried out a competitive analysis to identify strengths, threats, and opportunities for our app.

Hurree- Market Segmentation App

The Challenges

Building a mobile app is quite a technical task. While going through different phases of developing and designing of the app, the team of developers at QSS came across many difficulties out of which some are mentioned below

  • Accessing users data across platforms
  • Mapping the entire user course
  • Keeping accurate track of performance metrics
  • To effectuate an improved segmentation strategy
  • Streamline campaigns for better audience interact
  • Personalized automated messaging

Final Outcome

The skilled and experienced team of developers eventually build a native cross-platform application that segments real-time user data based on audience behaviour. The developed solution is HIPAA-responsive and assesses the insights across the platform.

  • Seamless integration of rich UI/ UX for end-users
  • Social media integration for a like-minded audience
  • Push notifications to observe the segmented performance
  • Secure role-based logins for users
  • Segment builder option to initiate user sectionalization
  • Effective administration and control over the marketplace
Hurree- Market Segmentation App
Information Architecture
Hurree- Market Segmentation App
Hurree- Market Segmentation App
Hurree- Market Segmentation App
Hurree- Market Segmentation App
Technology Stack

QSS has an incredible team who have expertise in their job. While developing my application, the team understood the requirement very well and implemented the idea into a functional and responsive app.