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Ambulance Booking App- The Biggest Mobile Healthcare App Trend 2021

Technology is driving a major change in nearly all industries located across the world and Healthcare is no more an exception. With different Healthcare IT solutions & mobile apps, a significant health growth is seen in patients suffering from prolonged disease or illness.

The adoption of digital health apps has substantially increased among users from the past few years and is now bringing up new approaches to the healthcare departments.

As data revealed by Grand View Research, “the global mHealth apps market size is expected to reach USD 236.0 billion by 2026.”

One such mHealth App is- Ambulance Booking App. According to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), approx 28% of the patients do not have access to reliable emergency medical services because of the non-availability of ambulances.

When it comes to providing emergency medical services, Ambulance is an instant answer. Ambulances are designed with pre-installed medical facilities like intravenous drips, oxygen, heart defibrillators, splints drugs and more. This medically equipped vehicle rushes to take the patient to the nearest hospital while offering all sorts of first aid.  However, booking ambulances for an emergency case is not as easy as it looks. You have to fulfill the manual necessities to book an ambulance.

An Ambulance booking app is thus the next big healthcare mobile app idea that is catching attraction in 2020 and beyond. Read the article to know about the immense benefits of building an Ambulance booking app.

How Patients, Owner & Hospitals Benefit by Ambulance Booking App

An ambulance booking mobile app offers great benefits to patients as-

  • Patients can now book an ambulance for an emergency as well as for non-emergency services.
  • You can locate the nearest available ambulance and request the same.
  • Instantly get the information & contact details of the driver.
  • Live track the ambulance with estimated time to reach the hospital.
  • Offer all sorts of first aid inside the ambulance so that the patient becomes stable till he reaches the hospital.

Ambulance owners partnered with the app get benefits like:

  • The benefit to track all the ambulances in one go
  • Receive instant requests for ambulance bookings
  • Locate the nearest available ambulance for allocation
  • Send across information with contact details of the driver 
  • Depending on the patient’s condition, allocate a suitable ambulance with the requisite features as well a doctor, if required.

Ambulance booking apps offers sigh of relief to doctors as well as hospital staff as:

  • Now, they really need to rush for an emergency. The ambulance that reaches to the patient on time will also offer quick medical care therein. 
  • Hospitals & doctors, with the app, can get ample time to attend a patient. He gets more clear on what is required and where is required.

Do you know?  Singapore is the first city to have launched a house call doctor app – “Speedoc”.  The app works like that of instant cab booking services.

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