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10 AngularJS frameworks

10 AngularJS Frameworks for Simplified Web & App Development

Nothing is more frustrating than to deal with broken links and unresponsive websites. Thanks to the progressive evolution of technology which has made us entered into the age of responsive, interactive, and creative websites than ever. There was a big sigh of relief after the introduction of Google’s most responsive framework- AngularJS. The framework is known to make the front-end development process a lot more simple and manageable.
Today, most of the companies rely on developing their web apps with AngularJS framework. Wondering about its extraordinary features? Below we have listed the reasons why AngularJS is grabbing so much popularity in recent times:

1. Most User-Friendly

AngularJS builds high-end, impressive websites loaded with extra features using minimum codes. The framework is most user-friendly, helping parallel-working teams to manage directives, which eventually save a lot of time and effort.

2. Brand Support of Google Community

Being associated with Google, AngularJS is backed up by a massive AngularJS community on Google+. The community comprises of expert and professional AngularJS developers who are best known for their ability to create enhancements and updates with the open-source framework. The community organizes conferences, share blogs to let you know about the latest developments in the technology.

3. The MVC Architecture

AngularJS uses MVC (Model View Controller) for web application development. It has the ability to string the application code together saving a lot of time in developing web apps while reducing the time in the market launch.

4. Two-way Data Binding

The two-way data binding function of this framework instantly leaves an impact on the application if there is any change in the user interface. These changes include module changes, browser events, and user actions, it completely updates the essential patterns.

5. Testing Made Much Easier Now

With AngularJS, testing is made much easy. The Module Separation attribute allows developers to implement automated testing and load required services in an uncomplicated manner.

6. Compatible with All- Mobile, Desktop, etc

AngularJS makes it easy to function on the client-side offering compatibility with a mobile browser and desktop, both. The framework doesn’t require backend modifications and so can be used for any kind of project.

8. Allows Building Several Modules

AngularJS so much popularity lies in its feature of building several modules. AngularJS allows the developers to build several modules using a single app. All these modules run as an entire application.

These are some of the most admired features that made this framework much reliable among developers. Continue reading to know about the newly introduced frameworks by AngularJS that are already adding value to it.

10 Best Frameworks to AngularJS You can Look to in 2019

Here we have listed some new frameworks to AngularJS that is presently drawing the attention of developers and creates powerful web app solutions.

1. LumX


LumX is the first responsive front-end framework based on Angular & Google Material Design specifications. LumX is one of the best choices for web development to implement all standard features like automatic of complex files, performance evaluation and improved functionality of the app. If you are looking for the customized apps, then LumX is definitely the right choice since it gets made with Sass, AngularJS, jQuery, Bourbon and Neat.

2. Ionic


Ionic is one another framework preferred by web developers. This framework uses AngularJS for its functionality and provides additional components making your app development much easier. Ionic is best to develop a responsive design, convenient interface, HTML5 and CSS3 based mobile applications & default mobile app UI components with Cordova and PhoneGap.

3. SuperSonic


SuperSonic being the front-end AngularJS framework is popular for developing hybrid applications. Making use of REST API (Application Programming Interface) functions and components, help developers deliver the finished projects within the given time frame.

4. Angular UI Bootstrap


Angular UI Bootstrap is known for its strong back end components that feature robust apps with a more straightforward implementation, HTML5 and CSS3 support and mobile components like sidebars, switches, scroll bars, etc.

5. Radian


Radian being developed with Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD), is suitable for multi developing projects. If you are looking to Hire AngularJS Developer for building an important project in a limited time frame then this framework will be a great choice. The framework, though, criticized for producing the lack of coordination among the developers. Radian would be the best choice if you are working on a big project demanding high performance. The framework supports files like SAAS, JADE, CoffeeScript and Vanilla JavaScript files. It can also integrate with Yeoman.

6. Angular UI Grid


Have a project with sophisticated features and modules? Then, the Angular UI Grid framework is what you should choose. The framework is best suited for operations like filtering, sorting, visualization, complex mathematical operations and expanding the rows.

7. Angular Foundation


Angular Foundation is the most modern version of the Angular framework that contains a considerable number of directives build upon CSS and foundation Markup. The framework simplifies adding the dropdown, trigger, accordion, alert, process bar, etc. & follows a pretty simple procedure.

8. Videogular


Videogular is an AngularJS framework that can be applied to both web and mobile applications. While it depends on the HTML5 context, you will get added advantages with features like plugins, themes, binding properties, etc, mostly absent in other frames. The framework allows easy binding with the API.

9. Protractor


Protractor is one of the dynamic testing frameworks from AngularJS. It tests like support strategy from the user side and executes the next level automatically when the assigned requirements get finished. Testing the modules can be done in the actual browser after the implementation.

10. Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI created to build HTML5 mobile applications. It goes in terms with AngularJS and Bootstrap and supports various libraries. Varied mobile components are available in this framework namely switches, scrollable areas, etc. Using this framework, you can easily create a responsive mobile, and if you have the desktop version, you can convert it into a mobile build form.


So, these are the brief descriptions of AngularJS frameworks offering great help to web & mobile app developers. AngularJS being the most powerful JavaScript frameworks allows more improvements to parallelly. One must consider the full specifications, pros and cons of each one to get into the conclusion.

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