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Top 10 Reasons to Choose React Native for Your Mobile App Development

React Native is the most popular framework widely used by developers to build cross-platform mobile app development for iOS and Android. Wondering about the reasons? 

Well, the framework lets you save the overall development cost as well as time taken to complete the project. It significantly reduces the requirements of hiring more team. React Native is the ideal business solution that offers both traditional and modern methods of building a hybrid mobile app.

With just 2 years old, the framework has come out to be the most powerful framework that has quickly become a number #1 choice of most of the mobile app development company today. This interesting framework helps build cross-platform mobile apps for both Android & iOS. The developer may also customize the framework to develop web apps for Mac and Windows.

This blog enlists the top 10 reasons why React Native is worthy of being among the world’s top mobile app technologies. 

10 Strong Reasons Why React Native is the Best Choice for Mobile App

#1. Faster App Development, Saves Time, Costs & Resources

React is known for agility, speed, and overall good user experience. The framework offers a native experience to its users. The easy use of the same code for deployment on both iOS and Android platforms, shorten the development cycle thereby reducing both time & cost. With React Native development, you can cut the development efforts by almost 70% without affecting quality or app productivity.

#2. Covers major mobile Operating Systems

React native develop a single app for two different platforms without have to start coding right from beginning. It allows developers to use the same code for developing apps on other platforms as well.

#3. Availability of Vast Javascript Library

React Native is equipped with a big JavaScript Library that enhances the app performance to a greater extent. The framework, maintained by Facebook, comes with a helpful developer toolset that revolutionizes workflow. With the support of the massive React community, React Native is seen as a hope for the app development future.

#4. Easy to Learn Frameworks

React Native difficulty level is much less when compared to others. If you have javascript skills, learning code with React Native is quite easy.

Also, React Native is backed up by strong support and is supported by a huge community of developers. For any small to a large issue, this community can help to fix them quickly sharing the unique React Native development skills and required instruments.

#5. Strong Focus on User interface

React Native put a strong focus on mobile UI building making it looks more like a JavaScript library than a framework. As a result, the resulted mobile app is smoother, highly responsive and faster than a classic hybrid one.

#6. Code Once Written can be Re-Used

React Native uses the Single Code Base for both iOS and Android. Being open-source, the framework is compatible with multiple platforms. It allows writing native modules in a comparable language linking to React Native codebase in simple terms. The feature is considered remarkable as it saves a lot of time & efforts of developers.

#7. Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Cross-platform simply means to get an app for two platforms at once — iOS and Android. A Javascript developer proficient in native UI elements, hybrid mobile app development design, and APIs is what all you require to start developing your React Native app.

#8. Seamless Integration of 3rd Party Plugins Enhancing Performance

React Native is compatible with third-party plugins. You can fully use the functionality of other native apps of the device in this framework without difficulty. This feature of React Native allows smoother running, faster loading apps that even require less memory.

#9. Build Mobile App of an existing web project using the same backend code

Since React Native facilitates a single code to be applied for all platforms, developers can easily build a modular and intuitive mobile app of an existing web project using the same backend code. This allows new developers to easily understand the framework. This further enhances the team’s flexibility and web app updates can be made more easily.  In simple terms, React Native allows you to save a lot of time in developing a mobile app with an existing web project.

#10. React Native has a big Future

React Native being widely accepted & adopted by companies; improvise both time and efforts of app developers. This means the technology is in no mood to get disappear in times to come.

The framework continues to mature and strengthen positions while spreading its wings for a big future ahead. 

Top Companies Running their Apps on React Native

The world-class apps that are currently running on React Native are Facebook Ads Manager, Bloomberg, Gyroscope, Myntra, Ubereats, Instagram, Airbnb, Walmart, SoundCloud Pulse, Tesla, Tencent QQ, Baidu Mobile, and many others.


To conclude, React-Native is damn fast to get an app up and ready! With this framework, you can build complex UI for both iOS and Android. The learning curve for React-Native is also quite easy since the React-Native community on Google is quite massive & growing. If you are a web developer & looking to create a mobile app then React Native can be an ultimate choice! 

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