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2020-21 A Year of Growth & Learning for QSS Technosoft

The last two years have been very tough as we continue facing the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic situation. We have adopted a ‘new normal’ working from home, implementing new safety measures and managing both work & family together. 

2020-21 has been the year of both growth and learning for QSS Technosoft. We are fortunate as well as proud to have survived & managed this tough situation to our best. Here are some achievements, we as a responsible employer, wanted to share with the world.

Annual Appraisals Conducted

It feels great to acknowledge that QSS did its 2nd round of appraisals post the COVID lockdown and provided multiple benefits to its employees including free health insurance and emergent medical help in case of COVID.  

Frequent Mental Health Workshops/Webinars

QSS is frequently organizing virtual mental health & stress management counselling sessions with renowned psychologists to de-stress its employees during these tough times. 

Udemy Collaboration for New Learning/Skill Update

During this year, QSS did make some big investments for our employee’s learning as well. Collaboration with Udemy Business with unlimited access to all of their 5500+ courses is offered to all employees so they can “Learn more & Earn more”.

All current and new employees would get access to this learning platform. As per the Management,- “We believe this would be a big step forward for growing the knowledge and will keep us up to date with the new technology developments, domain expertise, project management skills in the market to stay ahead of our competitors. I am sure you all would love this and will take it’s full advantage for your career and organisation’s growth.”

“We, with all the leads and managers, would be working on preparing the learning path for all of the employees to ensure they are moving forward in the right direction and stay focused. I believe that setting up the goals in itself is a big motivator and will keep the momentum going.”

Launching New Offices in Mohali & Gurgaon

Furthermore, launching new offices in Mohali-Chandigarh and Gurgaon are adding up more talents to the QSS family.

The expansion opens up access to a very large pool of the finest software development talent in the region that the company can use to fuel the continued growth of QSS Technosoft. Also, with this expansion, the company is seeking to deliver quality IT services at a time when there is a rapidly increasing demand for diverse software development services for varied business domains.

As per the management, “The decision is a logical step in our business growth and this is going to open new and bigger opportunities for us. We are on a constant mission to make best & cost-effective software development services accessible to global clients.”

We Applaud the Determination & Efforts of Our Employees

QSS Technosoft wants to acknowledge its employees and want to  thank each one of them for making a DIFFERENCE in the company. Loyal and dedicated employees like you are the foundation to any successful company. We seriously want to applaud the determination & efforts by each one of our employees during this tough time.

Thank you for your contribution to our success. Let’s continue achieving so many milestones together. 

Seek out more opportunities and let’s grow together.

About Author:
Author Rashmi Kanti is a passionate content writer & a blogger having written numerous blogs for IT domain. Being into the Blogging world for the past 5 years, she is presently contributing technology loaded articles & blogs regularly to QSS Technosoft. Rashmi has a proficient knowledge of the latest market trends in the mobile & web applications and expresses herself a big technology geek.

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