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5 Top Enterprise Mobility Trends To Watch For In 2018

Looking forward, it’s important for business to analyse different strategies before introducing new technologies into operations 2018 was a huge year for enterprise mobility. More and more businesses are beginning to take advantage of mobile and emerging tech to streamline their processes, boost efficiency and better engage with their employees.

Adoption of the IoT across a range of industries still continues to grow. With many companies taking advantage of wearable tech to better equip their employees and improve productivity.

Check out these top five trends in enterprise mobility for 2018 to ensure that you are on the right track with your mobility integration programme.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Mobility
As enterprise mobility evolves, predicting the requests of users and quickly deploying new technologies will become the top IT priorities moving forward. As smart-phones have become handy solution to increase work efficiency of employees, companies are coming up with new features to improve the functionality of mobile device that solves real-life problems; for instance: voice based services like SIRI, smart cars, location based service to detect user’s location, compass that identifies the device orientation and much more.

2. Increased Migration To Cloud
Cloud-based technologies are gaining momentum as the top enterprise mobility solutions for number of reasons which includes server storage, network and network services on an Infrastructure as service model (IaaS) or application deployment platform on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) or software application on Software as a Service model (SaaS).

3. Location-Based Enterprise Applications
Mobile apps that make suggestions for end users based on their current locations have reportedly become more relevant. In 2018, these services are predicted to become even more accurate and widespread.

4. IoT Continues To Play An Imperative Roles
Internet of Things (IoT) innovations have reportedly become more impactful and mobility is advancing with connected wearable devices. Plus, mobile e-commerce is predicted to see benefits from showing consumers products they are likely to buy; data makes that strategy possible and that data originates from connected devices, solutionanalysts(dot)com reported.

5. Enterprise Mobility Management
EMM software will gain a lot of traction this year. Enterprises have unlocked the maximum potential of mobility by all means. They have accomplished it by migrating the in-house business processes to the handheld devices which has thereby improved communication and resolved myriad issues and have aided in speeding up the workflow and process cycle for enterprises. In such scenarios security issues are bound to crop up and this will be the concern which will lead to the EMM software dependency.

Enterprise mobility is one of the most imperative pillars of digital transformation. It is finding a strong foothold in the IT market today and seems to have proved already it has the potential to escape its current state of being merely an ‘internal application’ in a company. No doubt Enterprise Mobility is all set to share the podium with the big guns – Cloud Migration and IoT which are contributing most to digital transformation in the year 2018 ready to shape the future of the companies.

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