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9 Reasons To Use AngularJS For Responsive Web Application Development

Without a doubt, AngularJS has gained major traction in the world of web development in the past few years. Many enterprises are now starting to embrace AngularJS as a viable choice for new projects that are outside of the realm of greenfield development. Since so many enterprises are looking to replace their inefficient internal processes, AngularJS is becoming widely adopted as a replacement for enterprise applications. If you’re interested in AngularJS for your own purposes, here is why enterprises are embracing it for responsive web application development.

1. Secure responsive web applications

Security is always been a major concern of any organization. Whenever a new update in technology or any new installation is made, there is always a big concern and protection is taken against the pinholes at the infrastructure level. AngularJS has eliminated this concern from the root as it is more focused on presenting the data rather than processing the data. The secure HTTP calls are made to communicate with the server. RESTful APIs and web services help in this communication. A proper and ideal security major is to be taken by any enterprise to make their security more powerful and to secure the AngularJS applications.

AngularJS only presents the data on the screen of the application and when you want to display this data thousands of populations then one has to be very cautious about the attacks like cross-site scripting.

As we know the AngularJS is very flexible and robust in nature that gives you plus to implement the third-party security libraries. The client-side security concerns are eradicated with the features of Angular which support the strict expression evaluation and let you use stringent contextual escaping

2. It Was Developed by Google

This one may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember that many (not all) frameworks are made by hobbyists in the open source community. While passion and drive have forged frameworks, like Cappucino and Knockout, Angular is built and maintained by dedicated (and highly talented) Google engineers. This means you not only have a large open community to learn from, but you also have skilled, highly-available engineers tasked to help you get your Angular questions answered.

This isn’t Google’s first attempt at a JavaScript framework; they first developed their comprehensive Web Toolkit, which compiles Java down to JavaScript, and was used by the Google Wave team extensively. With the rise of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, as both a front-end and back-end language, Google realized that the web was not meant to be written purely in Java.

3. Comes with Filters

AngularJs filters come of great help when you need to transform the stored data in AngularJs responsive design. The AngularJs directory offers developers with different filters for numbers, lowercase, uppercase, currency, orderby, date and more. It also provides with an option to create one’s own filter by registering a new filter factory.

4. Manageable access

Enterprises main concern is its industrial infrastructure security. Whenever the enterprise enhances its applications to accommodating AngularJS, its main concerns are the access granted and each level for accessing the application and restrictions which are mandatory at each level. A superheroic framework, AngularJS has provided with the flexibility that enables the integration of domain system and application login with the security flow decided by the security guidelines. There are many supplementary libraries which make this task possible. Libraries like Idapjs makes possible to implement Single Sign-On (SSO) for accessing the application.

5. AngularJS Enables Massively Parallel Development.

One of the biggest issues we encountered early in the project was developers stepping on each other’s toes. Part of this is just a discipline, and even with raw JavaScript you can follow patterns that make it more modular, but Angular just took it to another level. That’s not to say it completely eliminates dependencies, but it certainly makes them easier to manage. As a specific case in point, there is a massive grid in the application that is used to drive several key operations. In a traditional JavaScript application, it could have been a merge nightmare to scale this across a large team. With Angular, however, it was straightforward to break down the various actions into their own services and sub-controllers that developers could independently test and code without crashing into each other as often.

Obviously, for larger projects, this is key. It’s not just about the technology from the perspective of how it enables something on the client, but actually how it enables a workflow and process that empowers your company to scale the team.

6. Coding

The whole process of coding requires excruciating details about a language and implementing complex solutions. AngularJS is utilized to simplify the whole process. Unlike JavaScript, the AngularJS framework relies on HTML as well, allowing it to easily create interactive user interfaces. This is important for the easy creation of interactive web designs.

It simply makes it possible to do more with less coding, without needing to lose time on a vast amount of complexities in the process.

7. Improved testability for web applications

Testing is an important part of software development in any niche. From the very of development of AngularJS, the people behind it had this thought in the back of their mind. This makes development with AngularJS the right approach, as developers can easily find errors and code defects, reducing the time needed to finish the project.

8. Leverage your existing data

One of the main advantages of AngularJS is that it doesn’t have any restrictions when it comes to the underlying data management system. AngularJS applications are usually implemented through the use of RESTful APIs which allow users to access the underlying database. If you use internal APIs that are already in existence, you can use an Angular application to replace an existing frontend code. This permits you to re-use server-side security easily and quickly. Also, if the application you want to replace was built with a web application framework like Rails or Django, then the switch will be as easy and fast as a front-end swap. This will make it very easy to improve the performance of your website with the directive-based implementation style of Angular.

9. Proficiency in a reasonable amount of time

A web developer can learn and use AngularJS very easily and quickly. This assists to reduce the development time by speeding up the process and also reduce the cost for the development. AngularJS can be learned in no time by the people who are working or familiar to other JavaScript Frameworks like Backbone.js, JQuery. Once you know how to code in JavaScript there is no problem in picking up AngularJS.

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These are the reasons why AngularJS Development Company is able to deliver the best web applications within the set criteria which are more interactive and efficient and bug-free. AngularJS is being embraced by the web development companies and soon on the verge to become even more popular in no time.

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