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A Comprehensive Guide on Play Store Optimization

In this article we will dive deep into ASO (AKA App Store SEO) for Android apps on Google Play Store. We have written a complete guide on how to optimize every element of listing in order to improve the visibility and boost organic downloads in year 2018.

Are you launching your first app on Google Play Store? Are you choosing your first ASO keywords? Sure you have a lot of questions and, maybe, need some help. Our play store optimization guide will show you what to do and how to do it. Let’s start!

Here is what both the factors entail-
* On store factors – These include having the right set of keywords in the app description or its title to enable Play Store search algorithms to fetch them when showing results for a particular category.

* Off store factors – These include having enough backlinks coming in from different sources. The sources can be anything – articles, videos, or mentions. Another element that we will be adding here is users’ ratings and reviews. Although, they get uploaded on the store, but the app publishers have no control on them.

Marketing experts focusing on generating increased ROI from app stores are primarily targeting key performance indicators tied to increasing app visibility:

* Ranking.
* Impressions.
* Shares.
* Engagement (reviews/ratings)
* Downloads.

So, let’s discuss some other important points,

1. App Keywords
Before we get into it, remember that the keywords that you come up with should be “download” keywords. This means that someone will search for those keywords to download an app like yours. Stay away from terms that are too generic Also be sure to use long-tail keywords.

2. Demo Video
This is one of the most underestimated item in app publishing. Most of the developers think of a video as a luxury feature and they believe it is not at all necessary. But a simple demo video can make wonders in store . You can create a beautiful demo video using starting from $5 . Quality videos can cost upto $20. But it is worth the effort . Clearly showcase all major features of the app in the video. Customers can get a quick overview of the app from demo video before they decide on downloading the app . More ever , as per some experiments , google play ranks apps with a demo video better.

3. App Screenshots
Screenshots show the world your users enter after begin using your app. Therefore, it is important to choose the most representative screenshots. They should make feel a great joy.

According to StoreMaven, 60% of users don’t attach an importance to the screenshots EXCEPT FOR first two screenshot images. Qualified first two screenshots can boost your conversions by 25%.

* Keep the screenshots vertical so that users are comfortable with any screen including narrow ones.
* Show each and important feature with one screenshot. Don’t repeat yourself.
* Give attention to the resolution of screenshots.
* You can add short caption texts on your screenshots to say that it is which part of your app. But, keep them short and clean.
* Avoid login, registrations, purchase forms, ads and even “Welcome” screen in your screenshots.

4. Make your app title descriptive within 50 characters
Unless you are a major brand, your app won’t have any recognition among users. In this scenario, it’s important to use keywords to describe the core functionality of your app so that users are clear about what they are downloading.

Use keywords in the title to improve your position in search, and keep everything under 50 characters.

5. Reviews & Ratings
Positive reviews and ratings can be a big help in convincing undecided users if they’d like to download your app. It’s not the be-all and end-all of app store optimization, but it’s a good help.
* Ask family and friends
So where do you start getting reviews and ratings? Use word of mouth and get your family or friends to review your game. However you need to make sure they actually use the app or play the game for a while before doing so.
Reviews and ratings are good, but an honest review or rating that seems authentic is much more powerful for app store optimization.
* Engage with current users
Another way to get reviews is to reach out to users at appropriate times. You can use push notifications to do this. You need to be careful with this though as sending too many notifications can seem pushy and lead to bad reviews.

If a user seems to be using an app or game a lot, ask them if they’re enjoying it rather than asking if they want to rate it. If they say yes, then you can message them to give a positive rating. If they say no, you can ask them for feedback and try to improve their experience

6. A/B Testing

There is no single point formula to ranking high on the Play Store listings specially when you are competing with million of other mobile apps. You will have to constantly keep making tweaks here and there to see what is working and what is users not responding to.

What we would suggest is that keep changing your screenshots, app descriptions. Keep shuffling your keyword list and changing your app’s details accordingly. It is only when you will constantly change your app’s look and read, your users would get to see something new on the page, creating a curiosity to install the app again, if uninstalled earlier.

A/B Testing should be a continuous process, you should always remain in touch with your app developers so that you are always in trend when the app users compare you with the thousands of apps in the similar category.

7. App Indexing

The idea is that the maximum traffic you send to your app listing page, the more higher you go up in ranking charts.
Now, the process of sending traffic off to your mobile app listing is not an easy one to follow. You will have to promote it in enough places and among a range of different people.

Apart from promotion, you will also have to invest time in getting your app listing page indexed. Two quick ways to make your app indexing ready are –

Focusing on Nouns as keywords
Having related words phrases as well, in addition to the specific seed keywords.

So here was the complete guide of getting your app higher on the ranking charts.

The two takeaways and parting notes that I want you to take along with you as you step in this cut-throat competition are –

A. Choose your Keywords Wisely, go with ones that have medium level traffic and competition and

B. Keep A/B Testing your ASO practices.

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