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Angular Vs. Vue.Js: Which Is The Best For Your Project Needs

The web development space has witnessed dramatic changes over the years. The JavaScript ecosystem, especially, has been truly volatile with new JavaScript frameworks being introduced almost every month. The existing ones are updated quite often, thanks to the community striving hard to constantly enrich them. Even though JS realm has been very vibrant with all the amazing diversity, it has greeted many with high degree of confusion.

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When comparing the ultimates, some question have generated great controversies throughout the history. Jordan vs LeBron, Ali vs Frazier, Beatles vs Rolling Stone or Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee. And in the era of JavaScript, the list has added a new conundrum which has become a hot topic for debate. And that is Angular vs React vs Vue.js.

Maybe we are not eligible to pass a judgment on the rest of the comparisons but yes, being in the web and mobile development industry since more than 5 years and delivering 100s of projects to the clients, we can help you to compare the ultimate JavaScript technologies and select the best one for your project.

Before we start the comparison let me say one thing.

All the three technologies viz. Angular, React and Vue.js are widely used by developers all around the globe, they provide similar functionality and each has their own pros and cons. The question shouldn’t be which is the ultimate JavaScript technology but which one will work best for your project and needs.

In this article, we’ll understand each of the JavaScript technologies, their features, utility, popularity and which one will be suitable for your project. So, let’s begin the comparison.

So, let’s begin the comparison.

When To use AngularJS

Web app development using Angular provides reliability, consistency, standardized codes and a huge community support that is a perfect match for enterprise apps. If you are looking for staying with a technology for a long time, amicable codes, best practice and manage millions of users or even dollars with your app then Angular is the framework that your enterprise may rely on.

Final Words –

Angular is suitable for your project if you need:
1. An enterprise/large scale app
2. Reliability
3. Consistency in technology
4. Best practice
5. A technology for longterm

Let’s Talk About Vue.Js

One of the most significant features is its small size. Vue.js weighs only 18kb after gzipping. However, it should be noted that the Vue.js ecosystem is also small and fast.With Vue.js users can separate the template-to-virtual-DOM compiler and even the run time. Despite it’s small size Vue.js consistently outperforms bulky frameworks such as AngularJS and Ember JS.

An important difference between VueJS and AngularJS is, despite being focused on solving component problems, VueJS and AngularJS have their own ecosystem to create SPA, and gradually we have the possibility of adding “plugins” (or whatever you like to call them), to build an application. It’s different on AngularJS, because it already has everything and everything is intertwined and dependent. Most of the time we do not need to use everything that is offered. That may create a problem when, for example, you get a better solution to solve a problem, but to remove only one block from the AngularJS side is very complicated due to these dependencies.

When it comes to the road to development and deployment, Vue.js is much easier than Angular. If you have dropped an import or if you have a complex local set-up Vue CLI would take care of everything and efficiently handle the code optimizations for you.

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Final words!

Every framework comes with its own strengths and weaknesses; hence, finding the best one truly depends upon your project needs and your experience as a developer.

As a business owner, you need an application that serves your current needs, scales to address your future needs effectively and enables you to stay relevant and competitive in your industry.

Angular is a much evolved framework and has a lot of tools right out of the box. Vue.js is very lightweight and easy to learn and lets you create application your way. Now, the decision depends on the needs of your project.

Reach out to our team of Angular experts with your project needs and stay assured of an informed and cost-effective solution.

Which JS framework you found exciting to work with? We would love to know about your favourite framework.

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