Best Cross Platform Framework for Healthcare App Development

Choosing the Best Cross-Platform Framework for Healthcare App Development

In recent years, more and more big companies have been leaning towards cross-platform solutions for their business. They do so for simply two reasons- cross-platform app development is an economical alternative to mobile app development plus it offers many exciting features that are probably absent in native app development.

As compared to Native apps, the cross-platform framework is equipped with amazing features like code reusability, quick time-to-market, native UI, multiple platform compatibility, API access, and performance. All of these features make cross-platform app development a profitable solution for businesses based across a wide range of domains including Healthcare. 

Not only to businesses, cross platform mobile development offers multiple advantages to a developer too. It allows developers to reuse a significant account of code that considerably takes less time and effort to put in. This eventually makes the production both cheaper and faster.

Healthcare industries seeking for an effective mobile app that can serve their multiple users can choose this technology & witness immense profits. This article lists down the benefits of choosing cross-platform technology for a scalable & growth-oriented Healthcare app. To further simplify your confusion in choosing the best cross-platform framework, we have listed the top 3 most popular cross-platform you can pick for your next Healthcare app development.

Benefits of Cross-platform Healthcare App Development

One of the major reasons going for a cross-platform Healthcare app development is the large amount of Healthcare data. A healthcare app often processes a large amount of personal and financial data, and healthcare records. Keeping your healthcare app data safe & secure is thus a priority requirement. Below is a detail description on how cross-platform frameworks can ensure security and stability of an app. 

Cross-Platform Development Offers Security

Healthcare apps mostly suffer from security-related issues from the baсk-end side. Cross-platform apps are highly secured and are difficult to hack. Further, modern software implies server or cloud-based data storage are used to ensure further security. For example, cloud-based solutions are good for large database healthcare apps like EHR (Electronic Health Records) and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems. This allows data easily accessible, verifiable, and shared. 

Cross-Platform Development Offers Stability

Cross-platform based apps are not influenced by any OS or Android updates or even system customization. The reason is- cross-platform frameworks are continuously being improved and expanded. Cross-platform apps are built in order to not crash any updates related functionality. 

How to Select the Right Cross-Platform Framework for Your Healthcare App development

Selecting a cross-platform framework depends on the following features:

  • Framework’s components for app development experience
  • API/tooling stability & limitations
  • Google Play and App Store restrictions
  • Platform maintenance 
  • Low occurrence of OS-specific crashes
  • Feasibility and cost of the app extension
  • Official documentation 

Top Cross-platform Frameworks for an Efficient Healthcare App

Keeping in view the above mentioned features, let’s find out the top frameworks that go well to build you excellent healthcare apps:


Backed by Google, Flutter is a top most cross-platform app development framework to choose for building a scalable Healthcare app. It has its own coding language named Dart and BLoC pattern architecture, which makes it suitable for apps with complex architecture and processing of a large amount of data. Flutter provides a multitude of ready-to-use widgets that will look exactly the same on any operating system be its Android or iOS.

You can undoubtedly choose this framework if you are seeking to build a UI/UX design-oriented healthcare app with dashboards, geolocation, progress bars, and other interactive visual elements.


React Native is from another giant- Facebook. The framework is known for its usage of JavaScript code for both iOS and Android. By utilizing React.js library React Native provides many UI design capabilities. The framework has promising future potentials for a wider business domains including healthcare.  Because of its architecture, it’s possible to reduce the weight of an app, improve the responsiveness of the UI, navigation, and gesture handling, write C++ code for apps and enable easier approaches. One added advantage of React Native as compared to Flutter is- you will easily find JS developers and get assistance from a strong JS community in case of issues. 

If you are seeking to build an app that have standard UI components and interaction, decreasing load time, and improving UI’s responsiveness, then go ahead picking React Native cross platform framework.


Microsoft’s Xamarin would be a good option for a healthcare app development if its back-end component  is developed with C# (.NET) language, and the app will be supported by .NET development team after the launch.

The framework is considered the most mature cross-platform SDK that supports Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, tvOS, etc. Almost 90% of business logic and code can be reused across Android and iOS apps, especially if the back-end side of an app is based on .Net. By providing access to native platform APIs, Xamarin allows software engineers to enable Google Wallet on Android, and Apple Pay on iOS.

Some Popular Cross-Platform Healthcare Apps in the Market


Reflectly Healthcare app is built with Flutter technology. The app tracks mental health of patients and evaluates their stress levels, analyzes everyday life, and tracks negative thoughts. By using AI algorithms, this app involves behavioral therapy approaches and positive psychology that are used as tools for mood improvement and habits tracking.


Gyroscope is a React Native-based app for iOS, Android and Apple Watch. Being integrated with the HealthKit, this app can track heart rate, steps, productivity, meditation, weight loss, sleep, and other activities. Users can see all the metrics and analytics in a dashboard, and get feedback from the Health Score. The app also connects users with human health experts, that provide personalized recommendations based on data provided by the user. 

Novarum Reader Technology

Novarum is a Xamarin-based mHealth solution for health diagnostics purposes. The app offers diagnosis of various health parameters via a mobile phone and connects to clinicians, lab researchers, primary care specialists and patients. By providing a simple guided workflow via the interface and automatic reading lateral flow test results, the app reduces human errors and the risk of wrong results interpretation. 


Among so many frameworks, the above three cross-platform frameworks have grabbed a huge popularity in recent times & are surely a win for your next healthcare app development. These frameworks can be used as a technical solution to build your perfect healthcare app catering all your requirements from managing hospital, patient’s data to scheduling day to day operations of your healthcare facility. 

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